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April 3, 2014

C’ville redevelopment approves traffic study

Town center improvements go out to bid


CLARKSVILLE — Blackiston Mill Road between Lewis and Clark Parkway and Gutford Road is considered one of Clarksville’s more dangerous stretches of roadway, and the town’s redevelopment commission aims to make it safer.

The redevelopment commission unanimously approved a $57,200 contract with Bernardin Lochmueller & Associates Inc. to perform a traffic study to determine the volume of usage in the area and develop recommendations to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

The study will commence early next week, said Project Coordinator Brittany Montgomery.

“This will definitely help us from a safety perspective,” Montgomery said.

The study will include counts at the intersections of Blackiston Mill and Lewis and Clark, Blackiston Mill with the entrance to Kroger, and a third location to be determined by Bernardin Lochmueller & Associates, Montgomery said. The counts will be performed during peak traffic hours, both during the week and weekend, she said.

The study will also include a 48-hour traffic count and a road safety audit.

The commission must pay the full cost of the study, but the study’s results could open the door for federal funds for future projects in the area, Montgomery explained.

“It’s a big project, and it’s been sitting here a long time,” Redevelopment Commission President Bob Popp said.


The redevelopment commission voted unanimously to allow an improvement project to the campus around the town hall to go to bid.

Jorge Lanz with the engineering firm Jacobi, Toombs & Lanz Inc. said the project would increase the capacity of the parking lot at the town hall from 109 spaces to 148 spaces, and would also include improvements to the sidewalks, landscaping and lighting around the buildings.

Lanz said the preliminary estimate for the cost of the project is around $500,000.

The project will take about four months to complete once notice to proceed is given to the construction company, Lanz projected.


Government Resources Coordinator Scott Johnson presented a proposal from the Transit Authority of River City for the installation of new benches, trash containers and shelters at bus stops in the town.

Johnson said the new equipment would add aesthetic appeal to the bus stops, which Popp said could also be used by pedestrians who wished to take a break from walking or dispose of trash.

The commission took no action on the proposal. TARC is offering to pay 80 percent of the $150,000 capital improvement project, Johnson said.

Johnson said that he would like the commission to be prepared to take action on the project at the May redevelopment meeting.