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February 6, 2013

Engineer: Light not needed at Blackiston Boulevard

City says Zaxby’s chicken figure violates sign ordinance


NEW ALBANY — An engineer recommended the city not install a traffic signal at the intersection of Blackiston Boulevard and Blackiston Mill Road Tuesday after several weeks of studying the area. 

The intersection is near Charlestown Road, and some city officials felt traffic backed up on Blackiston Boulevard due to a high number of motorists coming to-and-from businesses in the area. 

The New Albany firm Jacobi, Toombs and Lanz was hired to study the intersection, and engineer Tom Schellenberg reported to the New Albany Board of Public Works and Safety that neither traffic volume nor the amount of accidents in the area were considered worth the investment. 

“I don’t really see how a traffic signal would be warranted,” Schellenberg said. 

There are issues with the grade of the road, but Blackiston Boulevard meets the site distance requirement in respect to its physical relationship with Blackiston Mill Road, he continued. 


City: Zaxby’s sign illegal 

The large fake chicken that sits atop the Zaxby’s restaurant off Charlestown Road doesn’t meet the city’s criteria for signage and must be removed, an official with New Albany’s planning and zoning office said Tuesday. 

Board of Works President Warren Nash requested the city investigate the sizable bird, and New Albany City Planner Krisjans Streips said Zaxby’s will be notified the installation doesn’t meet the municipal sign ordinance. 

According to Streips, the size and makeup of the chicken are why it is considered illegal. 

He added Zaxby’s already has in place its allotted number of signs, and that the chicken is considered a form of advertisement. 

A woman that identified herself on the phone as the manager of Zaxby’s said the restaurant hadn’t been notified of any problems with its signage. 


$19k approved for van

The board of works approved the purchase of a passenger van for the New Albany Parks Department at a cost of $19,595. 

The van will be used to transport elderly residents and children to parks events and will be purchased from the John Jones Auto Group.