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May 10, 2013

CHEERS AND JEERS: May 11-12, 2013


... To former New Albany basketball/football standout Chris Whitehead for verbally committing recently to Fordham University.

Whitehead played at Danville Area Community College this past season, where he averaged 12.3 points a game and was a National Junior College Athletic Association Division II All-American.

Whitehead was a great athlete at New Albany and I am sure will make us all proud at Fordham, which is based in New York City and plays in the Atlantic 10 Conference. All I can say is Fordham fans will enjoy watching Whitehead play for the next two years. He’s tough, quick, can handle the ball and should excel in the Atlantic 10 next season.

Chris Morris

Assistant Editor


... To the men, women and kids who took the time out of their lives on Saturday, April 27, 2013, in the Edwardsville Clean Up Project. Thank you so much for your time and dedication to the community to plant trees and clean up the trash. You did an outstanding job and deserve the gratitude of our community.

Ted Heavrin and Jeff Topping

Floyd County Sheriff’s Department


... Cheers for a new bench for the people who purchase items or groceries at New Albany WalMart to sit on. A couple of years ago I called WalMart manager and the city about a bench for the people who ride the city bus. I’ve seen seniors sitting on the ground, curbs and grocery carts. Thank heavens someone cares about the residents.

Really be nice if they add another bench and maybe a roof for their protection.

Someone who cares about the youth and senior citizens of New Albany.

Sue Johnson

of New Albany


... The women of the First Trinity Baptist Church, Jeffersonville, would like to thank those who supported the shredding event last Saturday.

Look for us again next year, the fourth Saturday of April.

Thanks again and be blessed.

Betty Caldwell

of Jeffersonville


... to Staff Writer Matt Koesters for his cheers remark in the March 2-3, 2013 edition of the News and Tribune.

He cheered because Indiana is one of the misguided states that have stopped teaching cursive in the public schools. Apparently he, as well as our esteemed legislators, are either unaware of, or simply do not care that many researchers say learning cursive helps a child’s brain develop. Many articles on the web cite cursive as helping stimulate intelligence and language fluency. Fluent writing keeps kids from truncating their thoughts. Doctors at Indiana University used MRIs to look at children’s brains and found more activity when they were writing versus typing and researches from Vanderbilt got similar results, seeing kids’ brains light up less in front of a keyboard.

How will tomorrow’s adults be able to sign contracts or study old documents? We should be ashamed to think a child will be able to graduate from a public high school and not be equipped to write a written thank you note for any gifts or good wishes he may receive. Are we really giving our kids an education that prepares them to compete in the 21st Century when they will not be able to read and write in at least one language? I don’t thank so. I have a stack of 50-year-old love letters I would not give up for anything.

Barb Donahue

of Jeffersonville

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