News and Tribune

August 1, 2008

Silver Street supporters spread word of potential closure at registration


Inside, parents bustled around the gymnasium at Silver Street Elementary School, all working to register their children for school.

Outside, two booths with volunteers sat adjacent to the school’s property with information about the school being considered for closure by the Resources for Results committee.

Angie Andriot and her 6-year-old daughter, Jillian, stopped at a booth before continuing on to the school to register her child for the first time at Silver Street.

Andriot said her family moved to the area from Muncie this year, specifically for the neighborhood and for the school.

“A week later, after we bought the house, we saw a newspaper story about Silver Street possibly closing,” Andriot said.

She said before choosing the area, she did her homework. She checked the school’s ISTEP scores, Adequate Yearly Progress ratings and overall ranking.

“If it did close, we’d probably send her to private school,” Andriot said.

Patti Watts, who worked one of the booths, said she worked at the school for years in the cafeteria and her children attended the school. She said her daughter moved back so her four children could also go to Silver Street.

“She said if they decide to close the school, the next day a ‘for sale’ sign is going up in her yard,” Watts said.

She said the purpose of the booths is to make sure everyone is up-to-date on what’s going on and to let those people know how to take action. She handed out a flier to those who stopped by, which had contact information for everyone from school board members to the governor.

In the school, few people were talking about the potential closure.

Kids said they were all excited about school starting in just a few weeks.

“It’s [school] like I’m riding a roller coaster with my friends because it’s so much fun!” Kaitlyn Sneed, 7, said.

“I like the classes and I really like the teachers, because they make learning fun,” Allyson Ayres, 10, said.

Kindergarten teacher Katie Walton said she is very excited to start another year.

“I just really enjoy my job,” she said, grinning as she looked around at the students visiting the various registration booths. “I missed the kids over the summer. I really did.”

Students at Silver Street, as well as the other schools in the corporation, start back Aug. 13.