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October 29, 2013

Sellersburg moves forward on several water projects

Largest initiative to be addressed at upcoming public hearing


SELLERSBURG — Several projects to improve Sellersburg’s water system moved forward Monday, while the town prepares to host a public hearing for its largest pending project.

Sellersburg’s Town Council approved a project that has been on the table for more than a year, and is designed to help eliminate odors at a lift station near Silver Creek High School. Town Council President Paul Rhodes said a contract totaling more than $148,000 with Anue Water Technologies Inc. was approved at the council meeting.

According to Rhodes, the waste in the lift station has been getting toxic, or, in other words, the bacteria in the water dies. Rhodes said the bacteria needs to stay alive because it helps with the smell, then is eliminated at the treatment site.

Anue’s system allows more oxygen to enter the sewer lines and, in turn, reduces hydrogen sulfide gas which causes the odor. The cost for the mechanized system is $99,900 for the equipment and a containment structure also needed at the site costs $48,835.

Rhodes said he expects the work to begin soon after the contracts are signed.

In addition to a lift station that is being treated, the council agreed to add another lift station near Ind. 60 and Ivy Tech. Rhodes said because of the anticipated growth in the Tax Increment Finance district another lift station will be needed.

A third project the council is looking into is to obtain land south of the Clark Regional Airport where it could install a booster station that would help maintain water pressure for the town. While the property is actually in Jeffersonville’s industrial park, Sellersburg has been given permission to possibly purchase the property, Rhodes said.

The biggest change for Sellersburg residents, to their water rates, has been set for Nov. 11.

A public hearing will be held during the council’s Nov. 11 regular meeting to gather input on the $8.5 million revenue bond sought to make improvements to the town’s water system, including a proposed hike to water rates.

According to the ordinance introduced by the council, based on 5,000 gallons of water usage per month, the new water rate would total $15.82.