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September 24, 2013

Brewer says New Albany moving forward on property issues

Plat approval given to University Station


NEW ALBANY — New Albany Building Commissioner David Brewer said Tuesday the administration is working with legal counsel and the Floyd County Health Department to address codes violations in the vicinity of Vincennes Street.

Earlier this month, a resident who lives off Ekin Avenue cited several examples of property neglect and violations including furniture being stored on lawns and a junk car lot illegally set up on a residential lot in the neighborhood. She again appeared before the New Albany Board of Public Works and Safety on Tuesday and asked city officials what they plan to do to address the situation.

Officials had said pending tax sales limited what the city could do on some of the properties, but Brewer asserted Tuesday the administration may not have to wait to take action. He acknowledged there are several problems in the area in question, which is in the 800 block of Vincennes Street as well as nearby properties off Ekin Avenue and Oak Street.

“It’s a conglomerate of issues,” Brewer said.

He didn’t give a timeline as to when action could occur, but said the city’s legal department is aware of the situation and working on the situation.


The board OK’d a plat for the University Station development on Tuesday, as city officials said they cleared any concerns over the number of fire hydrants that would be on the site.

The plat request was tabled last week, as City Attorney Stan Robison said fire officials wanted to ensure the number of hydrants planned for the project  would meet safety requirements.

The project has been discussed for several years, and would include the development of commercial shopping centers just north of the planned University Commons residential development off Grant Line Road near Indiana University Southeast.

University Station would be located near the Taco Bell, and the project doesn’t require any additional curb cuts.

Fire officials said they discussed the hydrant issue with the engineering firm for the project, Paul Primavera & Associates, and they are satisfied that the system to be used meets specifications.

The project has previously been reviewed by the New Albany Stormwater Board.


The board also approved including sidewalk repairs along Depauw Avenue into the city’s paving plan for this year.

The change order didn’t require additional funding, as engineers said money had been earmarked for sidewalk repairs pending the identification of streets needing the work.

The New Albany City Council appropriated $2 million this year for paving. Officials said areas of the sidewalks along Depauw Avenue are in severe disrepair, and that is why the street was included in the resurfacing campaign.

The bulk of the $2 million appropriation will be used for paving roads.