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November 12, 2013

Design, inspection contract awarded for Main Street work in New Albany

Contract with with Clark Dietz approved for $157,800


NEW ALBANY — The New Albany Board of Public Works on Tuesday approved a design and construction services plan with Clark Dietz for the East Main Street road project.

The contract approved is for $157,800. John Rosenbarger, public works facilities supervisor for the city, said Clark Dietz will have “an 80 percent presence” during construction. He said final plans for the project will be completed in the next two or three weeks and construction should begin in late January or early February.

He said Clark Dietz supervised the Gateway Project entering the city on Spring Street which was “done of high quality.”

The project on Main Street is to improve the public safety, walkability, accessibility and to enhance the historic character of Main Street from East Fifth to Vincennes Street.

The board also approved an inspection contract with BLN for the Mount Tabor Road retaining wall for $15,000. Construction on the wall will begin this month.

Erosion of the hill is threatening Mt. Tabor Road. The retaining wall will prevent that from happening, and will be incorporated into the larger Mt. Tabor Road project, which will likely begin in 2015, Rosenbarger said.