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November 30, 2012

Clark County roads renamed again


JEFFERSONVILLE — Several Clark County roads have been renamed for a second time.

The roads, which were formerly state roads, were taken over by the county earlier this year and can no longer carry the “State Road” designation, according to a letter written by Clark County Planning, Zoning and Building Commission Executive Director Ramona Bagshaw to County Engineer Hyun Lee.

The commission had originally decided to rename the roadways — which include portions of former Ind. 111, former Ind. 160, former Ind. 203, former Ind. 311 and former Ind. 403 to “Old State Road” and their respective numerical identifier. These roads will now be designated “County Road” and the respective numerical identifier.

In other words, the portion of the former Ind. 111 from the Floyd County line to Ind. 60 will now be known as County Road 111.