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December 14, 2012

Readers respond to news of school shooting


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — The News and Tribune asked parents to comment on the news of the tragic elementary school shooting Friday in Connecticut. The comments below were taken from the newspaper’s Facebook page. Those commenting were notified their responses may be used for publication. When available, the respondent’s city of residence is listed. To comment, visit

As a school teacher myself, it breaks your heart. It's come to having metal detectors in schools. Entering a school will soon be like entering an airport. It's a sad day.

— Jason Connell

As I sit and listen to the news right now, with the coldest chills going up and down my spine, I cannot understand why or how a person could even muster up such a twisted fantasy in their mind, let alone actually carry out such a horrific idea, like to do this to children!?

I sat last night in a gym watching my 8-year-old nephew and three other classrooms full of children singing Christmas songs and wonder if these families were doing the same thing. How could you drop your child off at school in the morning and tell them to have a great day, kiss them like any other day, not knowing you would never see them again. This is a sickening, senseless act. My heart and prayers goes out to everyone at this time involved. Make sure you hug your kids extra tight tonight when you tell them goodnight.

— Christina Bohne

I would prefer my tax dollars go to all schools across the U.S.A. for security to protect the students and faculty than all the wasted money spent at our Nation’s airports and TSA security.

— William Ball, Jeffersonville

This shows that everyone should appreciate what they have, show love to your family and friends and be thankful for each other because life can be cut short without any warning at any age. The act in Newtown, Conn., was senseless and may never be understood. Thoughts and prayers go out to the families, children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School and the residents of Newtown, Conn.

— Tom Rakes

My eyes filled with tears this afternoon as I pulled up to my son’s school and saw him standing outside safe and carefree. Such a tragedy today for so many families.

— Sandy Peyton Sorrells, Clarksville

This is unimaginable for anyone to have to endure the selfless act of another. I can’t help but wonder how safe our children’s schools are when we can’t be there to protect them. We entrust our whole world to our educators daily and I hope and trust that every measure is taken to protect our most precious babies.

— Amy Duggins Wheatley, Sellersburg

There needs to be metal detectors in all schools, just like at the airports, courthouses, etc. I am speechless. So heart-wrenching. Prayers to everyone effected.

— Genia Stinson

Holding, kissing, feeling, smelling and touching my babies, and letting them know how much they’re loved and cherished. It is all I can think to do right now.

— Kate Meyer Caufield, New Albany

My heart breaks for the victims and families affected by this senseless tragedy. Hug your children tight, and give them infinite love ... each day is not guaranteed, so cherish each moment with your child.

— Nina Staton

I’m watching these stories and I’m seeing the faces of the parents and as a parent of four children there are no words. I’m praying, trying to grasp and understand why this has happened. Monday will be a little bit harder when my kids get on the bus to go to school.

— Kimberly Davis

Mental illness is treatable. Step forward and say something if you think someone is having trouble. I just want to grab all my kids and grandkids and hug them tight.

— Geraldine N. Porter Hager, Big Spring, Ky.