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January 16, 2013

WRESTLING WEDNESDAY: FC’s Ottersbach succeeding on mat, in classroom

Senior posts 23-3 record


FLOYDS KNOBS — • QUESTION: What have you thought about your season thus far?

• OTTERSBACH: “It’s been a special season so far. I feel like I blossomed and bloomed in my junior year and then I’ve really came through in my senior year.”

• Q: What do you want to accomplish by season’s end?

• OTTERSBACH: “My goal is to get as far as possible [in the IHSAA state tournament]. Last year, I never made it to semi-state. I just want to qualify for state and improve on that. I believe I’m able to do that.”

• Q: You won a sectional title last season. How much of a challenge is it going to be for you to repeat this year?

• OTTERSBACH: “Not [a challenge] at all. I made a pretty strong move in the finals match [last season at sectional]. This year, I think I have it locked up — no pun intended.”

• Q: What did it mean to you to win your first HHC championship last weekend?

• OTTERSBACH: “It wasn’t much of a victory for me because of the level of competition. The year before that, though, I faced [former Jennings County wrestler] Iyan Bass [in the HHC final]. He’s a pretty good wrestler and I almost had a reversal on him. I’m more proud of that reversal than winning the tournament.”

• Q: Your team won the HHC for the first time since 2008 last weekend. How did it feel to reclaim the conference title?

• OTTERSBACH: “It was fantastic. Not only did we reclaim it, we dominated. We won by [82 1/2] points.”

• Q: Does winning the HHC gives you and your teammates some momentum heading into the sectional?

• OTTERSBACH: “Absolutely. A lot of people from the HHC are going to be at the sectional. I’m just going to wrestle on through like I always do.”

• Q: Your team has been tabbed the favorite to win the sectional since the start of the season. Are you guys feeling any pressure to win the sectional championship?

• OTTERSBACH: “It’s always been Floyd Central’s mindset to be the best team. Since I’ve been here as a freshman, it’s been drilled into us that we are going to win. Now it’s the year that we want to make that totally possible.”

• Q: The Highlanders have not captured a sectional title in five years. What would it me to you and your teammates to bring back the sectional championship to Floyd Central?

• OTTERSBACH: “It would mean a lot to us. But I believe it would mean a lot more to Coach Sisson because I believe it would be his first sectional title and that would mean a lot to him.”

• Q: Talk about the pharmacy program you are in. What are some of the things you do in that program?

• OTTERSBACH: “I have an extracurricular class at the school every week and then I also work in a pharmacy. Actually, that takes time out of my practice and me and Coach have worked out a way to make up that practice time.”

• Q: How have you adjusted your practice schedule?

• OTTERSBACH: “I have to get here at 6 a.m. on Mondays. We run through the entire practice.”

• Q: Has it been difficult adjusting to getting up early on Mondays to practice? How much of a challenge has it been for you?

• OTTERSBACH: “At first, I thought it was going to be very hard. But I found out that by doing conditioning on Monday mornings that I can keep up with the team.”

• Q: How much are you enjoying being a part of the pharmacy program?

• OTTERSBACH: “I love it. I love where I work. I like all my co-workers there and my boss is fantastic. It’s a really good experience, especially before I go to college. I’ll know what I’m getting into.”

• Q: What interests you about getting into pharmacy?

• OTTERSBACH: “I like chemistry a lot. My freshman-year chemistry teacher handed us a pamphlet of professions and pharmacy just kind of struck me. I saw something about Indiana jobs and it showed it was a growing business, so I decided to go for it.”

• Q: I understand you are interested in going to Butler or Purdue to study pharmacy. I know both of them are really good pharmacy schools. What is your status on choosing between both universities?

• OTTERSBACH: “I’ve been accepted to both of them. But I have been working a lot harder towards Butler. I like the campus better. So I plan on heading toward Butler, but I haven’t confirmed that.”

• Q: Are you planning on wrestling in college as a walk-on?

• OTTERSBACH: “Butler doesn’t have as far as I know a wrestling program. But I’ll probably quit cold turkey. I’ll probably try to find some other form of competition — something new.”

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