10 P.M. UPDATE: Dale Bagshaw found guilty of murdering wife in speedy verdict

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Posted: Friday, January 18, 2013 7:19 pm

Edward Dale Bagshaw was found guilty of murdering his estranged wife Kelly Bagshaw by a jury that deliberated less than two hours Friday evening.

After the verdict was read about 7 p.m. in Clark County Circuit Court No. 4., Bagshaw, dressed in a cranberry shirt and tie, was placed into handcuffs and ushered by bailiffs out of the courtroom.

“I love my kids, and I miss them,” Bagshaw said in hallway outside of the court, before stepping into an elevator leading to the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Facility.

Bagshaw will be sentenced to spend between 45 and 65 years in the Indiana Department of Correction, following the outcome of a sentencing hearing slated for March 4.

Soon after Bagshaw’s departure from the court, tearful wails filled the halls of the second floor of the Clark County Courthouse.

“No matter what my dad did, he is my dad, and I love him no matter what,” Joshua Bagshaw, Dale Bagshaw’s 17-year-old son from a previous marriage, said. “I am here, and I am going to be here for him.”

Joshua Bagshaw said he had the opportunity to whisper to his father that he loved him before he was taken away by the bailiffs.

“It is a life-changer,” Joshua Bagshaw said of the his stepmother’s murder and the drawn-out court proceedings. “It is something you can’t put away — something you have to deal with.”

Joshua Bagshaw said he hopes no other families will have to go through the pain he has experienced.

“He is still my dad, and I am not ashamed of him,” Joshua Bagshaw said. “He is a great man, and he did a wrong thing.”

After the verdict was delivered, Joshua Bagshaw was consoled by Kelly Bagshaw’s sister Terry Clark, who said she will raise the Bagshaws’ biological 3- and 7-year-old children.

“He [Joshua Bagshaw] is my nephew, and he will always be my nephew. I am raising his brother and sister, so I am always going to be his aunt Terry,” she said. “And, I love Dale [Bagshaw] like a brother, unfortunately, and as much as I hate what he did, I can’t turn that love off for him. I feel really torn.”

Clark said she expected the guilty verdict, and that the end of the trial brings no closure to her and others who will continue their lives without Dale and Kelly.  “We are glad it is over, so we can go back to focusing on the children,” Clark said, adding that the children are progressing well, even without their parents. “There are no words to explain how hard it has been on both families.”

Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said he was very satisfied with the jury’s decision.

“It is a huge relief,” Mull said. “This has been a long trial. It went over two weeks. It’s been very emotionally taxing on the family and some of the witnesses.”

Despite the guilty verdict, Bagshaw’s representation, Perry McCall and co-counsel Dustin White, diligently argued for their client throughout the extend trial.

Though their client had confessed to the murder shortly after his fatal actions, his defense attorneys fought to illustrate some justification for a reduced charge by arguing Bagshaw acted in the heat of the moment when he fatally stabbed his wife.

“[I am] somewhat surprised,” McCall said the verdict. “It is a tough thing. In this case you had 60 stab wounds. It is a lot to overcome, no matter what defenses you raise. I still think the jury was a good jury.”

McCall said he was disappointed with the outcome of the trial, and emotions are high among the loved ones on both sides.

“It is a lose-lose for everybody,” he said. “There are no real winners here.”

Bagshaw was originally arrested Nov. 13, 2011, soon after he killed Kelly Bagshaw with a large pocket knife as the couple sat in her vehicle.

Kelly Bagshaw had come to Dale Bagshaw’s home about 1 p.m. to pick up their children as the two had separated months earlier.

Dale Bagshaw had made several attempts to convince Kelly Bagshaw to come up to his apartment before leaving with the children that afternoon. She refused to go up to his apartment, and Dale Bagshaw went to Kelly Bagshaw in her Toyota Camry parked outside.

After, what was said to be a brief argument over their broken relationship, Dale Bagshaw produced the knife and slayed the woman he had been married to for seven years.

Kelly Bagsahw was 30 years old at time of her death.


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