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NASH: Predictions for 2013

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Posted: Thursday, January 3, 2013 9:45 pm

As we roll the calendar into a new year I would like to take the time to make some predictions for 2013. I recently went back and re-read my prediction column from last year and I was pleasantly surprised at my ability to prognosticate. I correctly predicted the outcome of the November election, the USA dominance in the London Olympics and I even hinted at the possibility of the NA-FC Parks Department split that did occur.  While other things weren’t quite as accurate I thought I would give it another try.


Sen. John Kerry who will have the easiest confirmation hearings ever for a presidential nomination will have his hands full as the new secretary of state. I am going to go out on a limb and say that most of his trouble will be in the corner of the world we like to call the Middle East. The unrest that we have seen there for the past 5,000 years may continue for at least one more. It may look like peace in the region is within our grasp, but it will likely slip away.


With no elections this year, Congress will have no real good reason to do the people’s work and behave this year. Their approval will dip from an all-time low to barely there. If it is possible they will get less done in 2013 then they did in 2012. Their indecisions on things like a new debt ceiling plan and spending cuts will make it a roller coaster ride for the stock market, but in the end the Dow Jones Industrial average will end the year higher.

By the end of the year we will be able to tell which current legislator will be planning to run for President of the United States in 2016. I don’t think that anyone will officially announce their intentions, but their erratic behavior and decision making will make it clear. Several current senators and members of the house of representatives will announce their intentions not to seek re-election in 2014, sighting a breakdown in the ability to get things done in Washington.

State and Region

The end of the Mitch Daniels era of state government is over and he has taken his victory lap. He has taken a new job as president of Purdue University so he will be living off the taxpayers’ money for a little while longer.  I think he will make it through the year at his new job, but not much longer than that. I think he will grow tired of his commute from Indy to West Lafayette and the hassles of having to deal with a life in the world of academia.

The state legislature will have a tough time this year as their conservative “values” will tackle tough issues like gay marriage and possibly marijuana legalization. While the rest of the country took steps toward limiting the power of government over people’s personal lives in the last election, the state of Indiana will probably do the opposite. 

The Ohio River Bridges Project will get under way this year. A few weeks ago the outgoing governor patted himself on the back for the project, saying it will “be worth the cost and pay dividends.”  The only problem is that residents of Southern Indiana will be paying the cost, and others will be busy collecting the dividends. 


Next week the New Albany City Council will convene and I believe will elect a member that has never been president of the body before. I have a history of predicting this wrong nearly every year that I have tried.  I usually blame backroom deals that happen at the last minute and other information that I am not privy to. 

I think this will be one of the most productive years for our city on several levels. Celebrating the Bicentennial will be in the forefront for much of the year and will draw a lot of attention to our city. I look forward to the celebration and hope it comes off without a hitch.


This will be a big year in the entertainment world especially with the announcement of the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West recent collaboration. Hopefully this “story” will get the attention that it deserves.

I predict that the movie “Lincoln” will clean up at the Academy Awards this year. I think it will win Oscars for best picture and best actor among other awards. Most best picture award winners don’t do very well at the box office but this movie has done pretty good. This is surprising since in the past Lincoln has not had much luck in theaters.

When the calendar flips over most people see it as a chance to start over. The year 2013 shows a lot of promise and I look forward to what it has to bring. I plan on living life to the fullest and taking on whatever challenges that come my way. If this year is anything like the previous few, I am sure it won’t disappoint.

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