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Dozens are dead and tens of thousands of Texans remain homeless, their homes and lives shattered by Hurricane Harvey’s epic deluge of flood water. Along with Congress, President Donald Trump's top priority should be getting as much disaster relief to Southeast Texas as quickly as possible. 

Law enforcement in our state is tasked with keeping Hoosiers as safe as possible. So, it makes sense that a move to strip the state’s handgun permit laws elicited a strong rebuke from officers.

“Having been involved in the process as a practitioner — experiencing what happens when the court is overburdened like it is and seeing how that affected my clients, my practice and those of my colleagues — the opportunity to be part of the solution was certainly attractive.”

“Clients are so much better off and we do what we can to assist them. They are now able to live in a community where as in the past they lived with their families until they could no longer care for them and then they were institutionalized. There are no longer any institutions in Indiana. I…

Crashes can happen in an instant. Stories of drivers becoming distracted — reasons vary from spilled drinks to dropped items, from crying kids to ringing cell phones — are plentiful.

We would be remiss if we didn’t add our congratulations to the many being received by Clark County Circuit Court No. 4 Judge Vicki Carmichael, after she was named one of three finalists for a seat on the Indiana Supreme Court.

The countdown has started. The Clark Memorial Bridge has closed, crews are setting up fencing and preparing for the 250,000 or so guests who will line both sides of the Ohio River on Saturday.

Remember the TV show, "Kids Say the Darndest Things?" Many of you, like me, watched the show featuring Art Linkletter and an array of kids whose musings provided entertaining television. Younger readers may remember seeing the Bill Cosby version from the late 1990s.

Campaigns can be rough and tumble — just ask President-elect Donald Trump and his rival, Hillary Clinton. All the dust kicked up in their presidential bids won’t settle anytime soon.

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