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Posted: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 5:54 am

Mom writes that Adrienne & Co. saved the day

I have to begin with the unfortunate part of the story. My daughter, Candis, had ordered her wedding cake from a well-known area bakery. Two days before the wedding, she went to make the final payment with a check, but was told she needed cash. Since this would mean an extra errand during an already busy day, she asked if she could bring the cash the next day, and they agreed.

When she showed up the next day with the cash, she was told by a different employee that her order had been thrown away. Candis explained about the arrangement she’d made the day before, but the person working didn’t know anything about it and would not supply the wedding cake she had ordered ahead of time. They offered to make a sheet cake instead, but refused to make the wedding cake. They showed no sympathy, and simply left her stranded.

Obviously, my daughter and I were devastated. I told my boyfriend what had happened and he immediately suggested the local bakery we both frequented called Adrienne & Co. in Jeffersonville. I called my daughter to share this suggestion and she agreed to try them. When she called the business a few minutes later, my boyfriend had already filled them in on the situation and they new exactly who she was. They immediately agreed to make her cake and got all the information they needed to make it to her specifications.

We were amazed and so thankful for their kindness and professionalism. They quickly averted a heartbreaking wedding day disaster. But it doesn’t end there, because not only did they make the cake she requested, it was twice as nice as the one she ordered from the first bakery. And not only was the cake beautiful, but Adrienne only charged Candis half of what they would normally have charged to help make up for the drama she’d been through.

Their willingness to go the extra mile allowed by daughter to enjoy the countdown to her wedding, as well as her wedding day, and we thank them for the bottom of our hearts. Adrienne & Co. is truly a part of the community and cares about people, not just business transactions.

— Tracy King, Jeffersonville


Reader afraid of direction of country

This past election, votes were cast and pages of history were turned that forever changed the demographics of this nation. The flower power of distributing equal wealth, amnesty for all illegals, peace and love for gay marriages and legalizing pot smoking in some states ushered in the wild child of the turbulent ’60s, having reached manhood and womanhood with all their Marxist glory.

The power of the Republican Party that has lead for years was smashed and trodden under the leftist Obama juggernaut political machine. Shocked and dazed by the tactics used to subdue the RNC candidate, news hummed of how can Republicans compete in future arenas and expect to win any foreseeable political power?

The trust is they can’t and keep their same ideals. The Republicans were politically masticated by Democrats on Nov. 6.

Republicans are evaluating on how better to maintain their humanity in a country that has gone left of center. (Maybe bigger government won’t be so bad.) (Higher taxes sounds solid.) (Maybe abortion on demand isn’t as awful as once believed.) (With Obamacare, grandma is to old for that Medicare funded operation.) (Maybe gays should be allowed to marry and have equal rights as heterosexuals.) All these and more opposite views and values that make the Republican party a bulwark against far left agenda.

Republicans, having been masticated by Democrats, are being nudged by current events of the day asking whether Republicans should politically disembowel themselves of truths that are held sacred. Conservation and the country would cease to exist and go by the way to the Dodo bird.

A dictatorial power grab would soon rear its ugly head and the fruited plain that once was a Christian nation would be the den of evil inequities.

Oliver Wendel Holmes said, “my country, right or wrong,” and since our country has chosen wrongly, flaunting the principles of the founding fathers and the Constitutional, little will remain of what was once a proud and dutiful to all humanity United States of America.

God Bless America.

— Leroy Heil, Jeffersonville



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