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June 11, 2013

BEAM: Chicken Little’s Truth


“If the fourth season gets picked up for Falling Skies, I’m going to head up there. It’s looking good,” Max said during a recent phone interview. “It’s funny because when we get toward the end of it, pretty much everyone is ready to go. But then we all want to come back. We want to do next season.”

More than six years have passed since Max’s emergence on the Hollywood scene, and the time has been kind to the soon-to-be ninth-grader. Other gigs have come with frequency but none so far have been as big as his role as Matt Mason. 

Now in his third season as the character, Max — and Matt — have gone through some changes, most notably their voice. Puberty can make it rough in some interesting ways, especially when only roughly a few years ago Matt was written in as only a babe. 

“If you remember, in the first season I turned 8. Technically, the show has only been like two years or 11⁄2 years when you start season three. But supposedly [director] Greg [Beeman] tells me I’m 12 years old in the show. I’m not sure how that works out, but you’ll figure it out,” Max said. 

Being around veteran actors has also been a huge help to Max. Most notably, “ER” alum Noah Wyle plays his father. Apparently, Max has grown accustomed to fielding questions from his mother’s friends about the hunky star. And yes, I may have contributed to asking a few of them. 

“Every mom that I have met has had a crush on Noah Wyle,” Max said. “He’s almost like a father in real life to me. He’s taught me a lot about acting and how to prepare. He’s always wisecracking me about my puberty and what I’m going through.”

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