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November 8, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Nov. 8, 2012

> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Help needed for Haven House residents’ medical needs

Two local nurses operate the Nurse’s Health Project for the residents of the Haven House Homeless Shelter that serves people from all over Southern Indiana.

At this time of year, we are occasionally asked what we need to help make life a little easier for the homeless. At the risk of seeming ungrateful for past gifts, or greedy for future gifts, I have listed a few things that will highly benefit those in need from the Health Project perspective. We hope this list will be of some benefit to those wishing to give to our local homeless community this season. I guarantee that any of these designated gifts will make a difference, no matter how small.

• For those with blistered feet: soft heavy socks, soft shoes, slippers for men and women and work boots; as the residents often walk miles to work and back with boots that do not fit properly.  

• For babies, children, and adults in distress from everyday minor illnesses and itches : Over-the- counter (generic) Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, Blistex, Desitin, Hydrocortisone cream, cold and flu medicine, soaking solutions for babies and young children, soothing lotions, cough suppressants, gum soothers, foot powder and fungal sprays.

• For those needing transportation to get to services: Bus tickets to get the Phoenix Health Clinic, physician offices, mental health services and Planned Parenthood services. Gas credits from a local station when there is an available car but no money for gas.

• For those in need of prescription medication and/or supplies for specific conditions: Pharmacy credits for prescription purchases, diabetic supplies; healthy snacks for special diets.

• For those disabled residents who are unable to walk to or from the bus stop or ER: Taxi cab voucher for transportation to and from the emergency room and other medical services.

• For those needing a tooth pulled or other critical dental work: Pre-paid dental service. (For us, dental services are the most difficult service to get for any of our residents and many ER visits could be avoided if we had some donated dental service.)

• For those needing eye-tests and glasses: Pre-paid Lens Crafters services.

• For those with injuries requiring first aid: Pharmacy vouchers for things like heating pads, ice bags, ace bandages, wound antiseptics and flush solutions.

• For health maintenance: Drug store vouchers for things such as syringes and alcohol swabs (for flu shots and TB tests), tongue depressors, thermometer and penlight.

• For those who need Health Department Services: Vouchers for Health Department charges for pregnancy tests; Pertussis immunizations (Tdap-those caring for newborns), older and ill adults needing pneumococcal vaccinations, Tetanus (Tdap) updates; Hepatitis A &B immunizations for those with Hepatitis C.

• For those who need co-pays and pre-pays to see a family doctor and/or a specialist: Vouchers for use at local physician offices.

• For health records: small gift vouchers to our downtown office supply for copy paper, copy machine cartridges, and other office supplies needed to maintain health records.

Those interested in helping should call 812-285-1197; the address is Nurses Health Project 1727 Green St. in Jeffersonville. Donations can be mailed to that address or brought to Haven House marked with “Nurses Health Project.”

Forever grateful,

— Marilyn Czape R.N., BSN CIC, Volunteer, Haven House Nurses Health Project, Jeffersonville

Reader thanks public employees, officials for help

Altawood is one of the oldest subdivisions in Floyds Knobs. This summer we had two major issues that required attention that, unfortunately, were major hazards for our residents.

First, after years of being not maintained, many of our culverts started to fail, leaving wide, gaping holes in the ground — some five feet deep — that people and kids could fall into.

Jeff Ramsey with the Floyd County Road Department not only took care of the culverts for us, but repaired the ground and made the area look nice. We had requested the work be done by Halloween so it would not be such a risk to children and the work was completed weeks before the kids came running down the streets.

Second, when the Paoli Pike construction was done, the electricity and water lines to our signs were cut. Unfortunately, they were never repaired and that is a main safety feature for our older homeowners — they turn when they see the lights shining on the signs at night.

Floyd County Commissioners were very understanding and assisted us in getting everything fixed so we had no wrecks or accidents. Thank you to the Floyd County Commissioners and Mr. Ramsey for helping us make Altawood a safe place to live.

— Connie Newton, Floyds Knobs