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April 13, 2013

CHEERS AND JEERS — For April 13-14


... to the people of Floyd, Clark and Harrison counties, as well as friends, family, and any people whose identifies are unknown to us, but whose hearts have touched ours very dearly.

On Feb. 14, our house on Cliffwood Drive in New Albany caught fire and burned almost completely down. It had been in our family for 30 years and it was where all of my sisters and I grew up.

While we virtually lost everything, but it could have been far, far worse. Our daughter, son and I made it out moments before we would have all been incinerated. We cannot thank enough the job New Albany firefighters did in collecting what belongings we had as well as containing and stopping the fire. They will forever be heroes in our children’s eyes as well as ours.

More importantly, we cannot emphasize enough that if you don’t have smoke detectors, get them. If you already have them, test them regularly to make sure they work. Smoke detectors saved our lives.

The outpouring of support, whether in cash, personal property donations, cards, letters, thoughts, prayers or even kind words of support have been totally overwhelming to our family. We always knew we were blessed to live in such a fine community, but had no idea of the depth of love and support that have come our way.

We will never be able to thank all of those who have touched our lives in the last months, so we must let this letter serve as a most inferior thank you note.  God bless all of you and know that you will forever be in our hearts.


— The Folz Family: Jennifer, Jason, Jackson, Griffin, Harrison, and Lola Grace, New Albany


... to the Floyd County YMCA for hosting its recent Good Friday service.

I was among the crowd of 70 — including some homeless men who came over from Wayside Christian Mission in Louisville — who gathered to honor Jesus on this holy and important day.  We were uplifted and encouraged through the words of a minister, prayer and song. I hope the YMCA continues this tradition.

— Cynthia Schultz, New Albany


... to Angela Bryant.

I am a familiar sight to most of the locals in my end of town, with my walking the roads with a plastic bag in one hand and what I call a grabber, for lack of a better word, in the other. One day a couple of weeks ago when I was plying this pastime of mine, I came to this grassy expanse between a local business and the road. I assumed that due to the inclement weather the past couple of weeks, there was an exorbitant amount of litter along this particular stretch of road which was mostly embankment. At the top of this embankment lies the business’ parking lot.

As I was working near the top by the parking lot, a car pulled into a parking space and two lovely young ladies exited the two front doors. I nodded and said “hi” to the one who exited from the driver’s door next to me.

She responded with, “How are you?” Having already walked up and down this hill for almost two hours, I said, “I'm tired.” She asked, “What are you doing? Are you doing this on your own, or what?”

I said, “I don't like litter and I had some sparetime, so here I am.”

As she walked toward her back door she was saying, “Maybe I can help you.”

She opened the rear car door and told the three boys who were sitting there to come here and give this gentleman a hand. I started to protest, saying, “You don’t have to do that.”

Anyway, three boys, I’m guessing were between 9 and 11 years of age, jumped from the car and immediately went to picking up litter with both hands while I held the bag open. She said, “These kids must learn that when they have the opportunity to help someone, it’s their duty to do so.”

After all this, she asked the young lady with her if she would go into the store and pick up a few items while she helped the boys, which she did. (Talk about making my day!)

Those eight little hands picked up more in the next 15 minutes than I could of picked up in an hour and they finished the job for me. I tried to give these boys a gratuity, but this lady said, “Absolutely not.”

I was so amazed and impressed with this lady’s flair and command of the situation that I failed to get her name.

However, I found out later that she was a shift manager at the local McDonald’s. Thank you so much, Angela Bryant.

— Charlie Gregory, Charlestown

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