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April 19, 2013

NASH: Government at work


Last month I wrote a column about picking up litter around the neighborhood where I live. I made a list of some of the things that I found that I threw away or recycled. I purposely left off one of the items that I saw that day because it wasn’t part of the story and I didn’t feel that it was necessary that I tell my readers of a dead deer carcass.  

Someone had killed a deer, stripped down the parts that they wanted and disposed of the rest about 20 yards from the entrance of an elementary school. I didn’t feel like I should move it at the time so the next day I called the New Albany-Floyd County Animal Control and asked if there is anything that could be done.  They said they would send someone out to take care of it. I assumed that they meant the next day or within the week, eventually something would be done.

About an hour after making the call I drove by the location where I had seen the deer. There sat a truck that I recognized as the one belonging to Animal Control. Someone was standing at the side of the road picking up the dead animal. It was almost as if they had gotten up from their desk as soon as I made the call and drove out to get it.

Last week as I was on my daily walk I noticed that someone had dumped an old mattress in a creek that is near my house. It was resting up against the culvert pipe that runs under the road and was in danger of blocking it. Had we had a big storm it could have caused some trouble and possibly led to some flooding. I knew that something had to be done so I made another call. 

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