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January 4, 2014

DODD: A rhythmic 2013

“It may be the antidepressants taking, but I’m feeling somewhat optimistic about 2014.” — Anonymous

There was good and some bad and a lot in between, in a year that was dubbed as that of 2013.

Some were lost, some found, while others just were, ’twas the best and the worst of that I am sure.

Obama’s health care was the year’s top headline, seven people signed up by the federally mandated deadline. In a computer-based world, there wasn’t a fix, for the website’s capacity was apparently capped at six.

On Patriot’s Day just short of the harbor’s venue, the runners were gasping for the end was in view. Alas, tragedy was waiting instead of champagne and wine, two bombers were first at the race finish line.

North Korea was taunting, with a couple of odd men, a maniac Kim Jong and a nut job named Rodman.

William and Kate welcomed a baby named George, most anticipated arrival since a Valley named Forge.

She gave us one big finger, the limits to seek, the twerking girl Miley Cyrus-tongue definitely-in-cheek.

He was once a respected man in office, a definite left-leaner, we saw way too much of Anthony Weiner.

He will not judge by gay, straight or religion or choice, the new Pope spoke softly but loud was his voice.

What the government was saying, was it truthful or lying, in explaining the manner of the NSA spying.

He never saw life in terms of black and/or white, Apartheid for Mandela was a terrible sight. As he left, the world lost one of its beautiful voices, who left behind for many the freedom of choices.

First comes love and then comes the carriage, but it’s a state-by-state thing if it’s in a same sex marriage. The Supreme Court has heard, but it’s the right of the state, next year there’s sure to be further update.

It’s the beard, it’s the hair, it’s the duck call heard wide, Phil Robertson opened up as what was inside. Robertson spoke out, at last in reality; he likened gay sex in his terms of unnatural bestiality. Suspended, rescinded, a week or two off the air, returned to the God, guns, and gay TV fare. In the end the Duck Dynasty appears left intact, perhaps in spite of Phil’s untimely wise quack.

Country cooking never saw a girl quite like her it seems, the queen of fried cooking in old Paula Deen. She shot off her mouth — she did once she did figure, but was she really a racist, the N-word the trigger? For those in the limelight, there is always a cost, when the freedom to speak is a freedom that’s lost. The freedom to utter words is sacred, my dear, but the outcome is decided by those free to hear.

Did he get away with murder, the victim of public jury, Was Trevon just simply a young man in a hurry? George Zimmerman found not guilty, not given penance, but will he serving his own lifetime sentence?

A New York mayor proposed, and a court had to stop, the outlawing of the serving of a large Polar Pop. The discovery audits delivered quite a jolt, when discovered the IRS held their own little Tea Party revolt.

Movie critic Roger Ebert took his curtain call, For Mousketeer Annette Funicello a Heavenly roll call. James Gandolfini, is singing soprano, Richie Havens left Woodstock many decades ago. George Jones has finally stopped loving her today; Esther Williams jumped in and just swam away. Jonathan Winters had a face so funny and curious; Paul Walker’s life ended up too fast and furious

In local news, the county and city politics united, a GOP majority — the ship of state had been righted.

David Camm was legally released forever from harm, proving an old legal adage — third times the charm.

The first steps in the process were finally there; giving hope to us all someday for a bridge to somewhere.

The Haven House campaign was fulfilled by lots of good-doers, flush with money to pay off the sewers.

The mailbox soon will be loaded with junk mail I fear, for the upcoming days signal a new campaign year. Will Democrats or Republicans survive this year’s election with the voter’s result of a natural selection?

The roads will be crowded with fender destruction, all year long providing us with highway construction. When it’s all said and paved will the jobs come if we build them? What annual salary will it yield them?

When I look back at it all it seems such all such a blur now, I really can’t even be sure how.

I know there will come a new time not too long now. We will be singing the same old Lang song now.

Even with all of the days now and between me. The days pass so slowly but years fly so obscenely.

Enjoy 2014 and all the things that lay in store. For 2013 has come to pass and be again nevermore.

— Lindon Dodd is a freelance writer who can be reached at

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