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November 1, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Nov. 1, 2012


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Reader miffed at health care policy

I have had a Medicare Advantage policy issued through Anthem. Now that policy is canceled.

But not to fear. Anthem is offering a new policy with double the co-pays and some drugs not covered whatsoever. I’m guessing this is the cost of Obamacare at its best.  

— Wayne Tomes, Henryville

Horning is the choice for Senate

As an acquaintance and supporter of Andrew Horning, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, I was blessed to be sitting front and center of the candidates at Indiana University Southeast for Tuesday night’s debate.

From inside the auditorium, the statement made by Mr. Mourdock passed as a nonissue. It was not until getting home that I learned that a big deal was made of the misspeak. It is a wonderful way as usual to avoid the issues that as U.S. citizens we face every day. Instead, we focus on destruction of a candidate for something that will not effect the majority of us in our everyday life vs. weighing who is truly the best candidate for the elected position we are trying to fill.

I support Horning in his run for Senate, because he is a man of high values and stands firm in his beliefs. He is running as a Libertarian so we all know that the corporation and big-money donors are not throwing money his way. Andy is running for office because he has a great love for what our Founding Fathers envisioned this country to be.

In our lifetimes, we have lost so many of the freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for. Andy is not running for office for fortune or fame, but rather so his children and grandchildren can know the freedoms that our state and U.S. Constitutions are meant to protect.

Please visit Horning’s Facebook page to read his response to the statement made by Mourdock at the debate. While Andy does not agree with Mourdock — his view on the unlimited powers our federal government should have — he does defend his gaffe.

If his words do not tell you that this is the man that you want to be captain of your team, nothing will. Please join me in voting for the most principled man on the ballot, Andrew Horning.

— Kathy J. Heel, Elizabeth

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