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November 1, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Nov. 1, 2012


> SOUTHERN INDIANA —   This is a letter I wanted publish supporting Ed Meyer for election as county commissioner. I  know it seems like this is one of the stormiest campaigns I have seen in a long time. I know Ed is a very good man and it does no good to run negative campaigns against good people.

Wanda and Charlie Meyer were friends of mine for years. I have watched their families grow up as fine adult citizens. My own sons grew up with Ed and I have always known the Meyer family to be honorable and dedicated hard workers.

It seems like our politics has taken a downhill slide in recent years and it has become so hateful. If this is allowed to go on it raises the question what will be left behind for our children and their children. Ed Meyer is not a negative person and he has always used his energy to help other families. More than that he has helped our community as a commissioner.

We wouldn’t have the new jobs at the ammo plant without Ed Meyer. He worked on that project when everybody else laughed about it several years ago. They are not laughing now. People have new jobs at River Ridge and new businesses keep opening there. Ed Meyer has shown he was a man of vision to see the benefits of what that project could bring.

I have no hesitation supporting Ed Meyer to serve another term as our commissioner. He has kept us all safe and is dedicated to making our county a better place. I hope you will vote for him too.

—  Margaret Read, of Jeffersonville

Former teacher says it’s time to get GCCS board back on track

  On Oct. 24, a letter was printed in the Mailbag section of the N & T from Ms. DeAnna Hall regarding the upcoming school board election in Greater Clark. She hit the nail on the head regarding the current incumbent board members up for re-election. I will not go over the things she alluded to, but will add a few  things to her commentary.

My wife and I moved to Clark County in September, 1971 and to this date I have never seen a more dysfunctional group of board members as we now have (excluding Ms. Christensen and Ms. Kraft). In my travels throughout Indiana, I can truly say this board is the laughing stock of Indiana. I cannot see why any administrator in their right mind would put their career on the line and come to work for this board.

The first head to roll was Dr. Stephen Daeschner. A truly outstanding educator and administrator who did exactly what he said he would when he was hired. The only public reason given for his dismissal was in regards to his salary. Well folks, you get what you pay for and he was well worth every penny of his salary in terms of his accomplishments.

The next two heads to roll were the CFO, Dr. Tom Galovic, and the COO, Mr. Marty Bell. Both of these men had an exemplary track record and had the right credentials to serve in their capacities as CFO and COO. They are now gone.

The final head to roll was Mr. James Sexton, principal of Jeffersonville High School. Mr. Sexton did more to promote and institute programs during his three years at JHS than all the combined principals in the last several decades. There is not enough space to list all of his accomplishments in this letter, but if the reader will contact Ms. Nancy Kraft, a current GCCS board member she will be more than happy to supply you with a list of all that he has done during his tenure as principal (Ms. Kraft gave me permission to use her name).

These four gentlemen have one thing in common, they all came from Louisville. The reader can go in whatever direction you desire with that. In my opinion if the real reasons were known, these men were removed because Ms. Gilkey, and I use her name because she is the current board president, could not fully control and micromanage these individuals. When she pulled the strings, these individuals did not always respond. She now had that person in place in the form of the current superintendent.

I currently live in Clarksville, but in the GCCS tax district. Therefore, I do have a vested interest in this election. In  addition, I am a retired teacher having taught 26 years, 1977 to 2003, as a technology teacher at JHS. I am very upset at the endorsements the teacher PAC made. I just hope the teachers will vote their conscience.

This board is a run-away-train and the only way to stop it and to get it back on track is to vote for Vickie Boisseau, Dale Moss, Alice Dorman Butler and Becka Christensen.

— Jim McCoskey, of Clarksville

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