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November 1, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Nov. 1, 2012


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Writer  supports Gregg for governor

  The upcoming election should be a referendum on how the Republicans have governed Indiana. They have been in charge of the last eight years. Indiana now has a higher rate of unemployment that the national average. The reason this has happened is because all they do is Talk about jobs. The legislature has concentrated on passing bills to defund planned parenthood; the right to work for less bill, and to make sure that women have no choice on decisions about their own body.

Now, they are asking for four more years, to continue this agenda of giving lip service to jobs and of helping average people. Do not let them continue this bait and switch. Now is the time to turn it over to the Democrats!

Vote John Gregg for governor.

— Glen R. Pitzer, of Jeffersonville

Couple say Matthews’ leadership will benefit county

  Dave Matthews is an impressive leader in our community. A hard worker, dedicated husband and father, and an effective administrator, Dave brings excellence to everything he does. He served faithfully for a full career in the Air Force retiring as a lieutenant colonel. For the last 17 years he has flown those big jets we see overhead for UPS and served his community as a church elder, town councilman, party chairman and township board member. Dave works tirelessly to make our community better.

I know we benefit from his leadership. I also know we will be a better county by having him as our commissioner. I plan to vote for Dave Nov. 6 and strongly recommend everyone voting for him too. Dave won't disappoint us as our new commissioner.

 — Shawn and Ann Carruthers

Resident proud to support Mourdock

  Richard Mourdock stands strong in his pro-life beliefs regarding the sanctity of life. He is a Christian; he believes God is the Creator of life. He believes, regardless of the circumstances in which a baby is conceived, God created that life at that moment for His own purpose. Mourdock believes no one should have the right to end that life but God.  

I agree with Richard Mourdock, and I have proudly cast my vote for him for United States Senate.

— Patricia McIntyre, of Jeffersonville

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