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March 20, 2013

ANDERSON: Poverty and children: How do we break the cycle?


Training programs for the jobs that are coming with local high schools would be helpful, so would a job training program offered by Ivy Tech Community College. The program would be designed to train for a large-scale employer. 

Also, it would be good to train future entrepreneurs, as small business has been the backbone of this country for as long as we have existed. We need to educate our future leadership to think in terms of entrepreneurship and then we need to support their efforts.

We have to deal with drugs and alcohol. There is an increase of spice and bath-salts usage in this area and heroin is on the rise as well. Alcohol deaths or related illness eat up medical dollars and not much effort is put into alcohol-related programs. Turning Point, Serenity House, Bliss House and Jerry’s Place try to deal with the issue, but they have only so much money and so much room. 

Crime is always a concern, and we are on the TV news almost nightly because of it. We cannot deal with the issue without dealing with the whys of crime. We will have urban issues because we border Louisville and all the bridges travel both ways. 

If you want to know what crimes we have to fight, watch the evening news — we will parallel Louisville. We cannot expect to deal with the issues of poverty, homelessness, education, mental and physical health, housing, and education without money. To say we will is to say we will continue to ignore the situation or talk about how hopeless it is to fix the problem. 

We live in the greatest country in the world, we have more resources than any other people in the world, we are hard workers and we know how to plan. So given all of that, when will we bring America home?

— Barbara Anderson is executive director of Haven House Services Inc.

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