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September 27, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Sept. 27, 2012

> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Taking the fight against cancer to Washington, D.C.

Last week, I traveled to Washington, D.C., to represent cancer survivors and caregivers from Floyd County to call on Congress to make cancer a national priority. I joined more than 600 American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) volunteers from across the country to ask lawmakers in our nation’s capital to protect funding for cancer research and prevention programs.

When I met with Todd Young, I told him that continued support of research funding and prevention programs is critical to finding cures and stopping cancer before it starts. Without adequate federal funding, potential discoveries in research labs across the country may be trapped in beakers and test tubes while families sit waiting for treatments that could save the life of their loved one.

I also asked Congressman Young to make a commitment to patients’ quality of life by co-sponsoring legislation that gives patients more control, makes sure their pain is properly managed and provides better coordination between doctors and medicines so that patients know what to do when they’re discharged from the hospital.

Our elected officials need to hear from the nearly 14 million cancer survivors in this country. I know I made a difference this past week, and I encourage everyone to get involved. Visit to be connected to people like me in your community. Let us work together across the country to end suffering and death from cancer.

— Mary Kost, Volunteer, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, New Albany

Romney not changing voter’s mind

Gov. Mitt Romney seems willing to change his mind frequently depending on how the wind is blowing. But I have a foolproof way to determine what he really believes.

First, you pick a daisy. Second you start plucking the petals as you repeat; he believes this, he believes that, he believes this, he believes that. When the last petal is gone he will either believe this or that, unless the wind has shifted and he now believes the other.

Gov. Romney has already written me off. I am in the 47 percent that are moochers and free loaders who depend on government hand outs yet pays no income tax. (Much like many large corporations). I am 80 years old and receive both Social Security and Medicare.

But Gov. Romney has promised to help me be more responsible, and extricate myself from the dreaded 47 percent, by eliminating both Social Security and Medicare. Of course, he might change his mind, (depending on how the wind blows), but I cannot take that chance.

I have already changed my mind and will vote for President Barack Obama.

— Jack Cable, of Jeffersonville

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