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August 17, 2013

CHEERS AND JEERS — For Aug. 17-18


... to the Floyd County Health Department for its petty posting of a photo on its website taken in front of a local business.

It wasn’t just any business, you see, and that’s the major problem. The photo, since removed, was of a health department vehicle in front of New Albanian Brewing Co.’s Bank Street Brewhouse.

One of NABC’s owners, Roger Baylor, has been involved in a public spat over permitting with the department and its director, Dr. Tom Harris. The legality of such permitting can — and has — been debated, but I don’t see any valid debate over who is right in the latest battle. It’s Baylor.

The health department, along with the photo, ran text under the headline “The Floyd County Health Department works to keep food safe.” It continues by noting that people get sick from foodborne illnesses, and 3,000 die per year from eating infected food. It mentions E. coli.

There are dozens and dozens of eateries in Floyd County, and yet the health department chooses this photo at this time. Look up the definition of “coincidence” in the dictionary. This is the opposite of that.

The health department shouldn’t put any Floyd County eatery in this light, unless there has been a serious problem found within, let alone a business it’s been jostling with.

I can’t say who is in the right in the permit battle. What I can say is the health department — a government-funded agency — was flat wrong when it put NABC in this light.

Harris may not like Baylor or his actions, but he has to remember he is merely the owner. There are other livelihoods at stake here, ones far removed from permits and media coverage.

Baylor, via a tort claim against the health department, wants a corrective statement or apology.

He should get it. The department should realize its wrongs and right them.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... To those who cut their grass but leave all the clippings on the sidewalk and in the street for others to have to walk through.

The grass will eventually wind up clogging sewer drains and becomes a mess when wet.

A broom is one of the cheapest yard tools to purchase. All it takes is a little effort to sweep the clippings in a pile and pick up the pile. Or sweep it back into the yard, but don’t wait three weeks to cut your grass and then leave it all on the sidewalk. That screams laziness.

— Chris Morris, Assistant Editor


... to Mickey Thompson, New Albany Street Commissioner, for his commitment to restripe the intersection of McDonald Lane at Grant Line Road.

The lines on McDonald Lane at this location have been gone for a long time. Last year, I contacted the city but nothing was done. I recently e-mailed Mr. Thompson and now the work is going to be done. Thanks.

— Juanita Jamison, New Albany


... to the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana for their generosity in awarding the Floyd County Maternal & Child Health Clinic a grant in the amount of $3,750 for use over this past year.

The funds were used for medical equipment, office supplies, contractual nurse, medical supplies and publications.

This generous award has helped to provide prenatal care to numerous uninsured and underinsured women of Floyd County and other surrounding counties.

— Maria Dodge, Floyd County Health Department


... to a group of Chatty Cathys.

A friend and I went to the concert at Warder Park as we have done almost every Friday night this summer. They are wonderful. My problem last Friday was a group of five that came in and put chair chairs close to us and preceded to talk for two hours. If you just want to visit, stay home and do so.

It is rude and distracting to talk when other people are trying to listen and hear the music. If the band got louder in certain places, so did the talking. They were all senior citizens and should be old enough to know better.

— Phyllis Kreutz, Jeffersonville


... to a not-so-clean sweep

I am pleased that Sellersburg has a street sweeper with vacuum. I only wish they would choose to vacuum the streets, instead of blowing the trash from the street into the yard.

The driver has the truck set on blow instead of vacuum which has blown broke glass into my yard. The trash truck dropped a light bulb into the street, and as I walked to the street to pick up the broken glass, the vacuum came right after him and blowed the broken glass in my yard.

Why can’t the truck use the vacuum instead of the blower? This is not the first time that trash has been blown in the yard. It has happened for the last three to four years.

Could it be that the driver would rather spread the trash though town then pick it up and take it to the dump?

This would made a good YouTube video — the driver on the cell phone constantly blowing trash into yards in Sellersburg.

— Walter Smith, Sellersburg

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