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August 17, 2013

CHEERS AND JEERS — For Aug. 17-18



... to a not-so-clean sweep

I am pleased that Sellersburg has a street sweeper with vacuum. I only wish they would choose to vacuum the streets, instead of blowing the trash from the street into the yard.

The driver has the truck set on blow instead of vacuum which has blown broke glass into my yard. The trash truck dropped a light bulb into the street, and as I walked to the street to pick up the broken glass, the vacuum came right after him and blowed the broken glass in my yard.

Why can’t the truck use the vacuum instead of the blower? This is not the first time that trash has been blown in the yard. It has happened for the last three to four years.

Could it be that the driver would rather spread the trash though town then pick it up and take it to the dump?

This would made a good YouTube video — the driver on the cell phone constantly blowing trash into yards in Sellersburg.

— Walter Smith, Sellersburg

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