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August 5, 2013

CUMMINS: Knocking on the door to royalty


There are other royal kingdoms in this world. Hunter Mahan is a member of the Royal Golf Society. He avoids stray shots by stroking the golf ball far and straight. I avoid strokes, too, the kind causing me to dream about not hitting a ball into hazards like trees and ponds. Hunter led the Royal Canadian Open when his wife, in labor, called. He had a decision to make, win a million dollars, or suggest she had indigestion. Hunter did the honorable thing, but it was hard for him. Fathers do not fully understand the part mothers play in the miracle baby thing. Mothers cannot understand why a golfer thinks his next swing might project a silly ball into an empty cup. Shouldn’t we all strive to run our cups over? When my babies came, my cup flooded me.

The things we go through to make a baby. Why? It hit me when we brought our babies home. Wide awake on the pillow, I thought, wow, there’s another human being in this room, a new one, better than royalty, that’s mine. I then slept with the assurance that the little one’s soul was safe if I did my part. If not, I’d lose mine.

Four babies are born every second, and 2,000 were born in the United Kingdom, the same day George was born. One in three of those were born in poverty next door to George. Worldwide, 24,000 babies die each day from the effects of poverty. What is their chance — to rise or survive? In the U.S., the richest nation on earth, 16 million of our children live in poverty. It seems the royalty in Washington would do something about it. They won’t, because the Dukes of State don’t do much about the commoner problem I know of.

God made so many of us commoners we must be his favorites, humbly lined up to enter heaven’s royalty. On earth, it’s fake.


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