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November 17, 2012

CHEERS AND JEERS — For Nov. 17-18



... to Debbie Harbeson for her time spent as a local columnist for the News and Tribune.

Debbie decided that Thursday’s column would be her last regular submission for the newspaper, and I will miss her writing.

One of my responsibilities as editor is planning the daily Opinions page. Just like with letters to the editor or other columnists, I did not always agree with Debbie’s columns, but I thought she did a great job of conveying her ideas in an entertaining and concise manner.

Debbie has said she may drop in with a guest column from time to time. I look forward to those and wish her best of luck.

— Shea Van Hoy, Editor


... to the Jeffersonville Red Devils Football team.

What a great year you guys had. Under Coach Oldham and his coaching staff, you guys proved what coming together as a team could do.

Thank you coaches for all of the time and dedication you put into these boys and this program. I’m already looking forward to next year.

— Kristi Adkins, Jeffersonville


... to Hillcrest Village.

My wife and I were married on Columbus Day in 1985. We worked hard, mostly together, for 20 years.

In 2005, the bottom began to fall out or our lives. I had severe prostate cancer and my wife suffered from short-term memory loss. By early 2006, my wife was put on disability. Several years later, she was diagnosed with early onset dementia.

For three years, we sank further and further into debt. Finally, earlier this year, we stopped paying our credit cards, car payments and put the condo up for sale.

In mid-September, I was admitted to Clark Memorial Hospital on the oncology ward. Traces of the prostate cancer had entered my bones. I could barely walk. I spent 10 days in Clark Memorial and was transferred to another facility. My wife was taken in by an older sister, Joyce.

The love between my wife and I is so intense that neither of us could be happy apart.

My wife’s condition worsened and she was put on the geriatric ward at Clark Memorial. The management at the facility I was at knew how much my wife and I needed to be together. They tried to work out a solution, but were unable to come up with a suitable plan of action. Hillcrest Village, across from Clark Memorial, heard of the situation and decided to fix up a room just for us.

For the last two weeks, its been so much better for us. We have are own private bathroom and every day do exercises.

Lisa, the director of Hillcrest Village, has bent over backward to accommodate us.

After all, doesn’t a husband and wife deserve to spend their years together.

— Jerry Morgan, Jeffersonville

— Do you have someone or something to cheer or jeer? Submissions should be sent to Editor Shea Van Hoy at or by mail at 221 Spring St., Jeffersonville, IN, 47130.

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