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July 1, 2013

CUMMINS: How to stop the degeneration of America

Washington seems to think progress is based on keeping secrets. How does the public know what’s going up there, when it doesn’t know? Government also thinks they should address critical issues by squabbling over them. One critical issue now is the extradition of NSA’s Edward Snowden, who leaked the secret that Washington listens to your phone calls and reads your emails to determine if you have connection with jihadists. President Obama is like a frog leaping from one crisis to another. Some are: privacy loss, climate change, terrorism, debt ceilings, unemployment, immigration, abortion, same-sex marriage, religious wars, voting rights, Obamacare, starvation, evolution-creation, government regulation of almost everything, overcrowded prisons, racism, and your welfare and mine. Another critical issue is whether government should finance contraceptives.

It seems that when our country appears to be headed out of its deep doldrums, something or somebody throws a monkey wrench into it, or cuts a monkey shine. Wrenches tighten or loosen things. I’m not sure what a monkey shine is, but know this — monkeys run this country. If you’re confused, perplexed and hungry, drugs won’t help; food stamps that buy fruits and vegetables will. To attack obesity, some of the monkeys in Washington want to cut food stamps plus cut taxes, spending and big government. They could help government by resigning.

Unless Washington and the White House adopt sound policies, pass laws and find the people who steal our secrets, our country might degenerate into a banana republic. Obviously, we need help. Congressional investigative committees only bury us deeper. We need smart people to help set us straight. They say if you give a typewriter to a monkey, it will eventually type Shakespeare’s works. That’s about how long it might take to save us from collapse.

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