News and Tribune

October 22, 2013


Can we get just the facts?

 Too often facts are lost within the numbers that best support your issue.

The truth of freedom is that not all will agree in its meaning yet all wish to enjoy in its definition. The honor of service to a nation comes not from those who lead a nation but, by those who understand the sacrifice given unto its people.

Now I am not a writer or a party person but, we are at a junction in the road of history in which we now need to reach inside of ourselves and asked is this all we have become and nation of debt and spending? Are we to allow a thought as great as American freedom to be lost because we cannot stop giving away the riches of our country?

Or will we again stand as one nation in defense of freedom and the equally opportunity to be what we want when we want and how we want, or will you take a party line and know that just you and you alone are always right.

— Jerry R Lucas, Deputy