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May 16, 2014

NASH: A week of firsts

— This year will be filled with milestones for my family and last week was no exception. A couple of the milestones we had planned, or were scheduled for us on the calendar. But one was a big surprise.

We ended up making it through the week, just like every other week we have had since we welcomed our twins back in January.

 With money in our savings starting to get low and wanting to save some “family leave” in case we need it later in the year, my wife returned to working full time last week. She had taken a few weeks to transition back to a full work week by returning a couple of days for each of the previous few weeks. Returning to work after being off for a few months was quite a transition, but mommy and babies handled it quite well. Daddy even survived his few days completely alone while he was in charge of the household.

With my wife returning to work full time that meant that someone besides one of us would be responsible for the children for the first time. The only previous time we had left them alone was a few hours for dinner and a movie while grandma watched them. For a brand new mommy of twins this was pretty significant.  

Dropping them off at daycare that first day was tougher on mommy than it was on babies.    My young son and daughter just kind of went with the flow as they barely noticed the transition as we handed them over to their new caregivers that morning. Heading back to the car after a fairly smooth transition a small tear could be seen in their mommy’s eye.  

The first few days with a new routine was a little rough. We had gotten use to letting the babies do their own thing and letting them tell us when it was time to get up. Now the two of them were going to have to get on their parents’ schedule for the first time.  They were a little cranky at times, but for the most part they handled it like troopers.

The first full week at daycare seemed to go off without much of a hitch until I picked them up last Friday. Picking them up myself,  I had planned to get them settled in so when she returned home we could plan our night’s activities. As I tried to lay my not quite 4-month-old daughter down she became quite fussy. I held her close trying to soothe her, but most of my tricks to console her were not working.  

 When people find out that you are going to start taking your children to daycare the first thing they tell you is, “they are going to get sick.” Everyone lets you know that the moment you drop your kids off they will be exposed to every germ around, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. After one week of daycare, my daughter had her first cold.

When her mother returned from the last day of her first full week of work the first thing she did was reach for the thermometer. With a young child with a slight fever and realizing it was the end of the work week for the doctor’s office too, she quickly called to see if they had left the for the day. We were too late for the doctor’s office but a nurse returned our call a few minutes later.  

Without any extreme symptoms we were just told to keep an eye out for anything that would signal a severe problem. My daughter would remain grumpy with a snotty nose for most of the weekend. Big brother never got too bad with only mild symptoms of a cold. A visit to the doctor on Monday, just to be sure, revealed they indeed had colds and the only thing we could do is make them comfortable and let it run its course.

 A year ago only a couple of people were in on the secret that my wife and I were planning on starting a family. We were still a few weeks away from finding out that we were expecting and several weeks away from finding out that we were expecting twins. On Mother’s Day last year we didn’t have a clue that we would be celebrating in a big way this year.

Last Sunday was my wife Amy’s first Mother’s Day. With a couple of babies that didn’t feel 100 percent we spent a quiet weekend at home, but she was all right with that.

A year earlier my wife had no idea whether she would be a mother at all, much less the mother of two. Over the few short months she has been their mother we have experienced a lot of things that we never thought we would. Cooper and Cecilia couldn’t have asked for a better mommy and I couldn’t have asked for a better wife to raise my children.

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