News and Tribune

October 27, 2012

CHEERS AND JEERS — For Oct. 27-28


... to the Jeffersonville Police Department for all the help they give Greater Clark County Schools in assisting the release of buses in the morning and afternoon across Allison Lane and Ind. 62, and River Valley in the afternoon.

Plus, thanks to the extra bus drivers that help stop traffic to let us out to our next destination.

— Janice Sinkhorn, Jeffersonville


... to Jeffersonville Street Department Commissioner David Hosea and his department gang for cleaning up the tree and brush overhang at Akers Avenue and 14th Street, which was blocking the view from the train overpass of oncoming cars.

This was a big help getting a Greater Clark County Schools bus out in the traffic in a safe manner.

— Janice Sinkhorn, Jeffersonville


... to the News and Tribune for burying the most significant, and outrageous, comment of the Indiana Senate debate at the end of Daniel Suddeath’s report.

Richard Mourdock had the audacity to pretend to know God’s “intentions” regarding rape and pregnancy. He is the latest right-wing wacko to assume he has authority over a woman’s body.

That warranted a headline.

— Ruthanne Wolfe, New Albany



... to a sad state of affairs.

Not all people are better off than the last four years. Most Federal employees that retired lost their cost-of-living increase for the last two years, and Washington wants another year — HR 3835.

The National Association of Retired Federal Employees has had to fight to keep our health benefits. HR 3813, if passed, will have federal employees paying 1.5 percent toward retirement, and new hires will pay 4 percent more. For those that are not aware of GPO and WEP, they are bills that will not let Federal Employees draw their full Social Security.

Then throw in the unfair Clark County tax on the elderly retired, which makes the statement, “If you like taxes, you will love Clark County.”

— Jim Barnett, Memphis


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