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November 22, 2013


Local man was honored to serve in Honor Guard

I served in President John F. Kennedy’s Honor Guard in Washington D.C.

This was truly an honor and the greatest privilege of my life. I was hand-picked and carefully screened for this duty. I had the aptitude to be a Honor Guard: I had no demerits while in basic training; I fit the height requirement of between 6 feet and 6’ 3”; I had above average intelligence; great physical ability, dexterity and was coordinated; I was highly motivated and maintained exceptionally high military standards.

Each military service has a Honor Guard and we all trained and drilled to the same standard, which made basic training obsolete. Our main presidential objective: When foreign presidents or high-ranking foreign dignitaries visited the United States, we represent the President, John F. Kennedy, commander-in-chief of the United States and his Armed Forces in appearance, articulation and endurance.

As the president would escort these dignitaries to pass in review and inspect his Honor Guard, I was platoon leader, and I stood on the front row, far right, my eyes looking straight ahead without movement. For that split second, I could see that smile on the president’s face showing approval, and a sparkle in his eyes filed with pride.

With my knowing the Honor Guard’s determination, there was no doubt in their minds that the American Armed Forces were the best and I had a feeling of pride and felt that our president also had the same feeling, period.

— Luther B Yount Jr., Charlestown