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June 12, 2013

LAMMERS: Gee owes more apologies


He’s right about the comments Gee made, but what benefit does he get by firing back at Gee? And Pitino’s image certainly is not squeaky clean. Pot, meet kettle.

The bigger problem is that the focus of dumb comments of the soon-to-be former Ohio State president have been turned into getting the reaction from conference athletics leaders and its highest-profile coaches. It is being shifted away from the people Gee really should be apologizing to that he hasn’t already.

He should be apologizing to the student-athletes of U of L and UK. He should apologize to the students who pay their tuition to these universities, and who are attending school to learn and better themselves. He should apologize to the faculties and staffs of the universities who are working hard to educate and enlighten young minds. 

Isn’t that the same reason why you pursued your career in higher education in the first place, Gee? Not to play stand-up comedian, right? Besides you’re really bad at the latter.


— Braden Lammers, OSU alumnus ‘03, also thinks Gee owes an apology to The Ohio State University alumni whose pride in the university goes beyond its athletics.


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