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May 6, 2014


Reader: Edwardsville event was a success

Thanks to everyone who participated recently in the third annual Edwardsville Spring Cleanup Day. The cleanup and subsequent movie in the park were both overwhelmingly successful and everyone involved should be proud of the results.

For those who are not familiar with the event, the planning starts in January by an organizing committee to begin making preliminary arrangements. This is the behind-the-scenes type of work to obtain clearances from the Indiana Department of Transportation, the railroad, etc., and assemble the necessary tools and equipment.

Working with representatives of several county offices — who volunteer their time and without whom this could never happen — the committee recruits volunteers from Edwardsville and the surrounding communities. An estimated 86 volunteers assembled before 9 a.m. at Tunnel Hill Church to grab shovels, rakes and other tools. Residents walked along roads and waterways to clean up debris, while others performed landscaping tasks, such as planting trees and flowers.

Upon completion of their assignments, the volunteers returned to the assembly area for free hot dogs, snacks and beverages. Everyone agreed that it was a rewarding effort and time well spent.

This year, we tried something new; a free Disney movie for viewing in Edwardsville’s beautiful Cavan Park just after sunset. The weather couldn’t have been better as people began arriving hours early to set up their chairs and blankets, and to just hang out in the perfect evening air.

There was a concession stand with popcorn, candy and drinks for the token price of $1. A few balls and a Frisbee were provided to help the kids burn off some energy before the movie, while some watched the Popeye cartoons.

When the feature film, “Frozen,” began to play, the entire crowd, estimated at 250 to 300, settled down and transformed the end of a soccer field into what felt like a large living room. Everyone was polite and determined to enjoy a community-sized family-type feeling. And they succeeded.

The highlight for me was hearing a few of the younger children scattered throughout the crowd singing along with the movie’s main character — a princess, of course. It was a moment that Walt Disney himself would have appreciated.

Even the walk to their cars after the movie concluded at 10:30 added to the experience, as people talked to neighbors and strangers alike about the old-time small-town feeling of this unexpected get-together. Everything was low key, including the double-lined “corridor” of foot lights guiding them back to their vehicles.

A good time was had by all. Many families also expressed their hope that we will repeat this type of event. Happily, the committee and county personnel are exploring the feasibility of doing just that — in Cavan Park and possibly others around the county. Look for future announcements.

— Joseph ‘P.J.’ Moore, Georgetown Township

Resident upset over recycling charge headache

I would just like to inform property tax payers to look closely at their tax bills.

The curbside recycling charge of $34 is listed as “current tax” on the actual bill, but does show as Curbside Recycling on the “special message to the property owner” page.

We have two parcels of vacant property that received this charge in addition to the charge on our home property. This occurred last year.  We did not pay the $68, which we did not owe. I was told to call Clark County Solid Waste to get it taken off. I filed an appeal May 7, 2013, and was told their board had to approve, then the assessor, treasurer and auditor all had to be notified. After calling monthly to check on this because I did not want a penalty, I was finally notified Nov. 6, 2013, that they had faxed the auditor’s office that this amount was not due. I also received a copy of a letter to auditor’s office saying paperwork has been completed for parcels to be recoded in 2014.

Imagine my dismay on receiving 2013 tax bills with the $34 charge again on two vacant properties. On calling the assessor’s office, I was informed they had nothing to do with implementing the charge and told to call the Solid Waste. On calling the auditor’s office, I was again told they were not responsible and told to call Solid Waste. On visiting the Solid Waste April 10, I expressed that I wished to receive a call back that week notifying me that all was taken care of. As of April 25, I was still waiting.

— Nellie Taff, Jeffersonville

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