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July 20, 2013

CHEERS AND JEERS — For July 20-21


... to the ignorance or outright cruelty of people who leave their animals in hot cars while they go do something they deem as more important.

The News and Tribune ran a story this week of such an instance, and I heard two more calls on the emergency scanner Friday for police to respond to a dog locked in a hot car.

I’m not really sure what words I could type here to express how frustrating that is. It’s more than that, though. It’s infuriating.

And, there’s a simple solution — don’t lock your animals in a car on a hot, or even mild, day.

If you see an animal locked in a car during warmer weather, please call police. Time is of the essence as the temperature inside the car will rise rapidly.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... to area residents who got in the swing of things for a good cause.

On behalf of the board of directors, staff and volunteers of the Howard Steamboat Museum, I wish to express our gratitude to all who participated in the First Annual Jeffboat Heritage Classic Golf Scramble to benefit the museum.

River people are “family” and a popular song conveys that “people on the river are happy to give.” The enthusiasm and generosity for this event more than exemplify this fact. Special thanks are due Mark Knoy, Patrick Sutton, Angela Cszmadia, Liza Burnett, Harriet Eckart and a very dedicated crew of friends who worked long and hard to bring this project to fruition. The museum receives no regular funding from federal, state or local government, depending upon admissions, memberships, gift shop sales and special events to generate funds for the daily operations.

It is extremely gratifying to have Jeffboat reconnect to its famous and colorful heritage, begun by James Howard in 1834 when he launched the steamboat Hyperion at Jeffersonville. During its 107-year reign, the Howard Shipyard enjoyed a stellar reputation for beautiful and well-constructed vessels; a reputation that proudly continues with the Jeffboat of today as the nation’s oldest continuously operated inland shipyard.

As we look forward to next year’s event, we again thank you for your gracious assistance and cordially invite you to visit the museum.

— Keith Norrington, director and curator, Howard Steamboat Museum, Jeffersonville


... to the memory of a long-time fixture in Jeffersonville.

I stopped by EZ Food Mart today to pay a gas bill. I’ve been going in the little store since I was in my 20s and I’m now in my 50s.

Fred was always there. There was an “in memory” card laid out in front of the cash register the other day. I didn’t know. I’m not really consistent with picking up the paper — or anything else for that matter. Maybe that’s why I liked going there. It never changed. Fred was always there. He would ask about the family. Most times, if I was paying a bill, he wouldn’t charge me — I don’t know why.

My eyes teared up and my heart skipped a beat thinking about another good guy gone. I’ve lived here most of my life and throughout most of my life, nothing stayed the same.

But every month or two when I would stop in EZ, Fred was always there. I missed the visitation, the funeral. I just had to write to let his family and friends know that I appreciated Fred. In a world of constant change, he was a mainstay. He was always there. He will be missed.

Godspeed Fred

— Kim Poore, Jeffersonville


... to those retail stores who have the gall to sell American flags that are made in China.

Isn’t anything sacred in corporate America today or is it all about the “bottom line?” As a veteran and patriot, this saddens me. Shame on all of you.

— LCDR Jim McCoskey, USN, retired, Clarksville


... to the Clark County Highway Department in taking over Hwy. 403 (now County Road 403.)

The men have cleaned out the sides of the road, but especially good, they clean up the dead animals before they become part of the road.

Thank you and keep it up.

— Marjorie Cox, Charlestown


... to the Sellersburg Police Department for the lack of concern for school children and parents.

Would it be too hard for the police to be on hand when the three Silver Creek schools let out each day? It would take just several minutes to allow the buses and parents to leave the school grounds. The bus drivers deserve at least that.

— Marjorie Cox, Charlestown

— Do you have someone or something to cheer or jeer? Submissions should be sent to Editor Shea Van Hoy at or by mail at 221 Spring St., Jeffersonville, IN, 47130.