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July 23, 2013

THEIR OPINION: July 24, 2013


The missing metrics for Daniels’ pay

The initial reaction to the $58,153 the Purdue trustees plan to include in President Mitch Daniels’ salary after his first six months missed the mark on Friday.

Complaints about Daniels’ “raise” or his “bonus” didn’t fully grasp the contract he signed when the former Indiana governor started in West Lafayette in January.

Daniels came to Purdue with a challenge for the trustees to tie a considerable portion of his salary to performance-based goals. His base pay was negotiated at $420,000 with a chance to earn the other 30 percent by meeting goals set out for him each year. The bottom line: If Daniels gets what he calls “straight A’s” and gets the full 30 percent, he’d make $546,000 in a year. (By comparison, his predecessor, France Csrdova, made $555,000 a year, once deferred compensation was factored.)

Here’s where the criticism lies: Why haven’t the trustees laid out what Daniels must do to earn that 30 percent?

On Friday, the trustees awarded him the full share for six months because, they figured, he had a good start.

What’s that? Where are the stated metrics? What sort of stretch goals are the trustees asking Daniels — and ultimately, the campus — to meet? Or is that 30 percent just another part of a guaranteed salary?

On Friday, the trustees again put off talk about those metrics to measure Daniels — a real metrics kind of guy. So much for that challenge.

— Journal & Courier, Lafayette

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