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May 24, 2013

NASH: The roads we must travel


I just got back from a trip where I traveled on the Interstate highway of three other states. I drove Interstate 65 South through Kentucky all the way to Nashville, Tenn. From there I drove west along Interstate 40 through Little Rock to my final destination of Hot Springs, Ark.

On this trip I drove roughly 1,200 miles there and back almost entirely on interstate highways.  I was on the road in three different states, all of which have a lower median income than Indiana. The roads that I traveled were all in much better shape than the segment of Interstate 65 that I have to travel a couple of times a month.

Not every road that I traveled on my vacation was perfect. There were some roads that were better than others. There was also a stretch in Kentucky and Arkansas that were under construction for several miles, but even those roads seemed better than ours. Why have these other states been able to maintain their roads properly while Hoosier roads have fallen in disrepair?

I have also noticed a difference when it comes to cable barriers. These are the steel cables that have been installed in the medians to prevent cross-over accidents. From what I witnessed every other states has done a better job of maintaining the barriers, especially after being hit. The cable barriers in Indiana have been damaged from collisions and have not been repaired properly. I assume that they are less effective in doing their job properly, which is a safety concern.

Indiana lawmakers have talked about how much better shape our state is compared to its neighbors. They talk about new and innovative thinking that has given our state a leg up on the competition and how our future looks so much brighter.

Our new governor thinks that by lowering taxes on Indiana residents it will make our state more attractive to business. I believe that we should also spend enough money to keep our infrastructure from crumbling to make our state attractive to everyone.  

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