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May 25, 2013

CHEERS AND JEERS — For May 25-26


... to the fine folks at WDRB-TV in Louisville.

On Thursday, my girlfriend — who is the 10 p.m. newscast producer at the station — arrived at work to find the conference room jammed with people wishing her well as she takes treatment for breast cancer.

Her co-workers and friends there gave her food, gifts, flowers and funds to help pay for medical bills, even though she’s only been working there since January. Many of them wore pink and some even got pink highlights or strands in their hair.

It truly touched Jessica and I wanted to publicly thank the WDRB staff for making her battle against cancer — one she will win — much easier to take because of their flexibility, kindness and caring.

What they may not realize is that their understanding makes all of this easier for me as well.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... to Lindon Dodd for his column titled “Checking Out the Job Prospects.”

I believe I’m old enough to be his mother and he needs congratulated by someone besides mom, as ya’ know, all moms are thankful for intelligent, wise-minded children. The column of which I’m speaking about is right on course for, amen, that is the whole truth.

Wake up America, schools and the education system.

— Pat Weber, Jeffersonville


... to the person or persons responsible for a recent vandalism at our church.

Harvest Chapel Church, 1544 Plank Road, Jeffersonville, had extensive damage to our air condition systems due to vandalism (steeling the copper wiring.) Both units will have to be replaced and our deductible is quite high.

We are a small church which operate a food pantry. Our food directors, Tom and Rita Steinberger, work hard to supply food to the less fortunate every month from Dare-To-Care and general donations. In turn, our food has to be stored in an cool environment for preservation. This is one of our outreach programs to help others in need of food and we are completely dedicated to continue to do this, which we do with the help of some of our parishioners as well, but we need some support.

If anyone would like to donate to a wonderful cause for others, contact Donna King at 812-282-0811 or the Rev. Chuck Ferree at 812-628-0043. Donations can be made directly to Harvest Chapel Church at the above address. Bless each of you that are able to donate.

— Donna King, church member


... to the improper flying of the American flag.

My Aunt Norma Ehalt Kinder was in the Spars (Coast Guard) during World War II. When seeing flags not flown properly, she would be very upset, and she would once again tell me the proper way to fly the American flag.

The flag is not to be flown if it is tattered, faded or torn. If it is flown at night, it is to be lighted. I see so many flags not flown properly.

I know the people flying them are very patriotic, but need new flags or lighting.

— Carla Meriwether, New Albany

— Do you have someone or something to cheer or jeer? Submissions should be sent to Editor Shea Van Hoy at or by mail at 221 Spring St., Jeffersonville, IN, 47130.