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December 4, 2013


Breaking down the ACA

Let’s take a look at the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. First off, we’ve let those pushing it, name it, our first mistake. It should be known as “The Redesigned Health Insurance Act.”

The insurance is what it’s all about. The care portion is the side effect of the “insurance pill” we’ve been force to swallow. Have you ever read the possible side effects of some of the medications you’ve been prescribed?

Sometimes the side effects can be far more threatening than the ailment you’re trying to treat. In this case, the side effects have been the downgrading, the limiting and even the denial of care due to the control and restrictions on the insurance side. Now we find that 25 percent to 75 percent of practicing physicians may choose to retire rather than be dictated to by Washington bureaucrats, and the physician pool is already in short supply.

Don’t like waiting an hour past your appointment time in the doctor’s office for the doctor to see you? How are you going to like living with your ailments for months before you can even get an appointment? That’s how it is in Canada.

One of the big selling points was that insurance costs would go down, but we now see that everybody’s insurance is going up, some doubling, tripling even quadrupling. How can any thinking person believe that 30 million additional people could be covered, and pre-existing conditions overlooked be accompanied by a drop in price?

Unbelievable. People who can’t afford insurance now, are going to be fined and still not have insurance. How’s that work for you? To help finance this debacle, $750 billion have been taken away from Medicare, a program people have paid into their entire working life, and transferred to Medicaid and Obama Care for many who have never paid a dime into any system.

Nicolae Lenin said 100 years ago, “If you control a people’s health, you control a people.”

People from all over the world come here for their training and treatment, simply because we’ve had the best of both. Instead of fixing insurance problems — the mobility of coverage from one employer to another, across state line coverage by insurance companies and putting limits on malpractice suits, this administration has chosen to wreck the best health case system in the world.

All this has been done purely for political control and power. If we continue down this road of socialized medicine, where will all these people who come here for treatment go? Better yet, where will we go?

— John Kettler, Greenville

Clear-cutting of the Knobs is the issue

The aesthetic, rare beauty of the Knobs in Floyd County is an awesome experience of nature’s splendor. All enjoy this splendor — those at the bottom as well as the top of these hills — both city and county.

Clearly, sheer beauty is not enough; many practical reasons for their preservation exist. They provide a natural habitat for animals, give off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and essentially help control erosion of the Knobs.  We appreciate the sensitivity of New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan and others in charge of the city who understand the great fragility of these priceless gems and have openly expressed their concern and have insisted that the utility companies involve the residents of Floyd County in a process and plan to solve some of the issues. These Knobs are everyone’s “proverbial backyard.”

We understand everyone’s dependence on these utilities, but certainly, we must endeavor to lessen the damage of such intrusion on the Knobs. We encourage everyone to become involved and demonstrate that we “all” are the stewards of this land.

— Bettye Weber, Save Our Knobs, Floyds Knobs

What happens when you govern by ideology

When Mike Pence was a U.S. Congressman, he stood outside the Capitol and led a Tea Party rally in 2011 to shut down the government.

Pence is on record saying “shut it down.” Now that he is our governor, he is doing everything he can to shut down due process in Indiana. Pence has tried to essentially nullify the election of Superintendent of Public Education, Glenda Ritz, a Democrat, by obstructing her efforts to carry out her official duties. A “small government” Tea Partier, Pence nevertheless formed a new education department in an attempt to override Ritz.

Despite the enormous need for the expansion of traditional Medicaid to more than 300,000 Hoosiers, Pence refused to accept federal funds to do so. He said “they can go to the emergency room,” an absolutely ineffective and inefficient means to accessing health care in general, and preventive care in particular. When the governor re-enacted his flu shot for the media, he said it was to “set an example of the importance” of being vaccinated. Thoughtless and hollow words for an uninsured family of four who would pay $100 for their flu shots.

Indiana has a high unemployment rate, low wages, a dearth of skilled workers and alarming rankings of 47th in infant mortality and 49th in pollution. There is so much needing serious attention here.

Yet the governor and Republican legislators waste time and taxpayer money working to amend the constitution to include a ban on same sex marriage and civil unions in Indiana.

Elections have consequences. This is what we get when we elect people who “govern” by clinging to an ideology despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

— Ruthanne Wolfe, New Albany