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June 10, 2013

CUMMINS: A little child shall lead them


We had friends back in the old days — some dear. George was dear, but he retired to Arizona. He recently came back to see me, and we relived the unbelievably good old days. Those days get better with age. You forget so much. We were having a grand time until George showed me his new iThing. He always liked to keep up with latest to stay ahead of the game. He had been a basketball coach and knew that you can’t score by freezing the ball. George fast broke when he needed to. He believed in staying perched on the cutting edge, no matter how sharp it was.

He said, “My new tablet thing here has my books in it. Let me show you.” He explained that never again would he have to carry bulky books. He could read the Library of Congress, anywhere and anytime. His new nerdy accomplishment made him very happy, but he became extremely morose when his book wouldn’t come up on the screen. He poked and tried every Apple thing he knew. Seeing a dear friend in distress, I felt so sorry for him.

Any true friend comes to the aid of a friend in anguish. I said, “George, here’s what I do when the computer gives me fits. I go outside and, if I see a kid go by on a skateboard or bicycle, I stop him with a $5 bill in my hand. Kids now don’t shoot basketball all day like you and I did.”

It worried me that he had to leave in a tormented state of mind. He had to rush to a dinner with a family in another town. I asked, “They’ve got kids, don’t they?” He knew what I meant. “Drive carefully,” I said, “and put that tablet in the trunk.”

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