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December 29, 2012


Who is this guy?

Grover Norquist must have the largest tail section in history. I mean there is clearly enough space for one heck of a lot of lips.

America elected President Obama in a landslide. The Democrats won additional seats in the Senate, and more Americans voted for a Democrat for Congress then for a Republican.

And yet just a few days before the so called fiscal cliff hits, and on NPR this morning, all they could talk about was Grover, the Tea Party and Plan B.

Plan B standing for Plan Bull (feel free to add on).

Republicans truly are the most clueless people alive. Poll after poll shows Americans want taxes to go up on those making more than $250,000. The CBO has shown that it is a fact higher taxes do not cost jobs.

And yet, there was Grover this morning saying that plan B — increasing taxes on those over $1 million — would not be a tax increase, so his legions of sheep can vote yes on Plan B. But under no circumstances can they vote yes on the president’s plan.

Who is this man? How many votes did he get for president? Why is anyone still paying attention to the Tea Party who was clearly told to sit down and shut up Nov. 6?

And lets not forget Rand (I hate Americans) Paul who yesterday said not to cut one dime from defense, but instead all cuts need to come from the poor.

Keep it up Republicans. Keep kissing the butt of Grover and kneeling to the corporate elite. You clearly do not get what the American voter intends to do with the likes of you.

— Richard Hodge, DePauw

Reader: Just a thought

When you talk negative, you speak the Devil’s tongue. What good does it do you, to be negative, in your talk, and ways of thinking negative?

It doesn’t do you any good. It can and will make whatever your sorrow may be worse.

Be on the Lord’s side, think His ways. Be sure to pray every day, and repent of your sins. Don’t pass judgment on one another and above all — the most important thing you should do each day — is read the Bible. It’s the most famous book on God creation and that is earth.


— Stephen Espy, Jeffersonville

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