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December 31, 2012

CUMMINS: Could 2013 be the breakthrough year?

At the end of each year, I make predictions about the next year. In past years, I’ve been right on the money predicting there would be trouble in the Middle East, and trouble here, too, primarily with the government after it was sucked into a black hole. It seems that when lawmakers are elected, the only way to get them out is to tempt them to play around. When they do, they repent, run again and many win. That’s when they begin playing around again with the welfare of you and me. I should not use that word, because, as Romney indicated, 53 percent of us are not on it.

Look back quickly at 2012. It was a year of debating everything — the right to life,  jobs, defense, taxes, condom distribution, gay marriage, melting ice, evolution, creation and the expansion of recreation, as it pertains to smoking weed. Congress debated the $16 trillion debt a couple times, but that was not the issue. The issue involved raising millions to buy votes. The 12 Republican candidates debated about 12 times, which was like watching something in Looney Land. Then Romney and Obama debated, using the you’re-making-stuff -up method of attack. Obama slept through the first debate while Romney appealed to women who were in a binder. Obama won, and Romney’s son said he didn’t want to be president anyway. Who could blame him? Would you want to be part of speeding up the world’s end?  

 Near the end of 2012, the incident in an elementary school brought us back to our senses, or did it? After the bloodshed, another debate ensued. Do we address the problem now, or later? Let’s do it later.

The Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012, but it appears their date was wrong. Did they make a clerical error when chiseling 2012 on a rock? Did they mean 2013? As I write this, my hands tremble. I want to predict peace, prosperity and happiness rather than the same old, but as I look around and within, I think the Mayans were on to something. If we back off from the numerous cliffs upon which we are perched, I predict the world will not end in 2013, but we must change. Do the following:

Firstly, you probably need to carry guns, which are designed to kill something. The big controversy now is whether more or fewer guns prevent slaughter. A spokesman for the NRA says that if teachers pack a gun as they do chalk, and were quick on the draw — bang — good overcomes evil in the classroom. Undoubtedly, entrepreneurs will begin making holsters like a carpenter’s tool belt that holds guns, iPods and Kleenex. Carrying several rounds of rapid-fire clips, though, would require a backpack or wheelbarrow. If you want to carry a Bushmaster, you’ll need to sling it over your shoulder, and don’t forget metal underwear. Did you know that Congress passed a law that forbids the government from releasing information as to the particular weapon used in killing? There has to be a better way.

Secondly, we need mental health, from the top down. To improve the mental health in Washington we could elect a new government by insisting on term limits to replace senators, whose minds have dried up. We also may need to pass a tax to finance the dire need for the increasing numbers, who desperately need care — a monumental undertaking.  

 Thirdly, we need to re-vamp our education system. It’s producing too many imbeciles, particularly those standing on the Capitol steps gazing into a foggy re-election cloud. We also need to test our children to determine where they are. Teach one day, test the next and repeat the process. We already know where many of our children are. Too many of them are struggling, and they learned it from us.

Fourthly, English majors need to explain that “compromise” is not a dirty word, but “pledge” is a good one. Pledging to never raise taxes on anyone no matter what, however, means living perpetually on the edge. Why not sign a pledge to do what’s best for our country? Try it just once.

Finally, we need to practice the simple “do unto others” thing. We know how to do it, but don’t want to, or else we would. There will come a time, like now, when we’re compelled to, “as ye would have others do” — if we love our kids enough.

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