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January 3, 2013

NASH: Predictions for 2013


NEW ALBANY — State and Region

The end of the Mitch Daniels era of state government is over and he has taken his victory lap. He has taken a new job as president of Purdue University so he will be living off the taxpayers’ money for a little while longer.  I think he will make it through the year at his new job, but not much longer than that. I think he will grow tired of his commute from Indy to West Lafayette and the hassles of having to deal with a life in the world of academia.

The state legislature will have a tough time this year as their conservative “values” will tackle tough issues like gay marriage and possibly marijuana legalization. While the rest of the country took steps toward limiting the power of government over people’s personal lives in the last election, the state of Indiana will probably do the opposite. 

The Ohio River Bridges Project will get under way this year. A few weeks ago the outgoing governor patted himself on the back for the project, saying it will “be worth the cost and pay dividends.”  The only problem is that residents of Southern Indiana will be paying the cost, and others will be busy collecting the dividends. 


Next week the New Albany City Council will convene and I believe will elect a member that has never been president of the body before. I have a history of predicting this wrong nearly every year that I have tried.  I usually blame backroom deals that happen at the last minute and other information that I am not privy to. 

I think this will be one of the most productive years for our city on several levels. Celebrating the Bicentennial will be in the forefront for much of the year and will draw a lot of attention to our city. I look forward to the celebration and hope it comes off without a hitch.

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