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January 23, 2013


Friends ask for help for woman

My friends and I are writing this letter to request help for our friend. She is currently needing help with her sewer bill. 

During this past summer, she had a huge increase in her water bill. After testing and looking for leaks and having the meter tested, the only conclusion anyone could come to was that someone was stealing water or just running it for harassment. 

When the weather turned colder, the bills dropped way down to normal. She was able to keep all the utilities paid current except she has not been able to get the sewer bill current. She is disabled and trying to move into more affordable housing. 

There are no agencies that will help with sewer bills because they know it will get paid by the landlord. If not paid, there is a lien put against the property and the landlords will pay the bill; they then usually evict and sue the tenant.  

She has found a place, but has to have this bill paid in order to move. She is on disability, but it is a very small amount. Before passing judgment on living on government assistance, know that she is disabled and has been looking for work for the past year. She had a stroke and was working all the time up to that point. She still has one child at home and in school. 

She needs approximately $550 to clear this bill. We would like to thank you in advance for any assistance you can give.

We are all just a serious accident or illness away from being in her shoes. So we are asking if anyone is led to help please send what you can to: New Albany Municipal Utilities, P.O. Box 909, New Albany, IN, 47150. Her account number is 52472302. 

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