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January 23, 2013



She needs the money by the end of the month.

— Jeremy Fulton, New Albany


Falls campaign hits home stretch

In 2006, The Falls of the Ohio Foundation and State Park embarked on a campaign to renovate its Interpretive Center exhibits to use 21st-Century technology in showcasing life at the Falls over the last 400 millennia.

Although the campaign came at a time of financial recession across our country, residents of the area stepped up to the plate and contributed more than $3.8 million to make this dream a reality.

The center’s rotunda has been renovated and the fundraising campaign for the renovation of the core exhibits will conclude in December. Less than a million dollars remains to be raised for this project.

A number of important structural changes will be made to the Interpretive Center building itself in preparation for the new exhibits and local legislators are working to incorporate $585,000 in the state’s general budget as a specific appropriation for this purpose. State Sen. Ron Grooms and Reps. Ed Clere and Steve Stemler are supporting this budget line item.

Many hands are taking on the challenge of completing the fundraising and seeing this exciting project through in the coming year. Whether it be by joining the Falls campaign as an individual member or donor, as a corporate member or major benefactor, we hope you will join us in taking our past into the future with this exciting and important project. 

Call 812-283-4999 to see how you can help.

— Jamey Aebersold, Honorary Chairman, Falls of the Ohio Crossroads Campaign for New Exhibits


Reader: People doing mass shootings are suicidal

Last year, in my role as a member of the Indiana Supreme Court Judges & Lawyers’ Assistance Committee, I took training from a group called QVC about how to prevent suicide and how to instruct people in what to do if you have a suicide potential situation. As a follow-up in that, I have received a copy of an editorial written by Dr. Paul Quinnett.

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