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February 19, 2013


Who will help with health care costs?

After spending nearly 40 years in the tax paying work force of the country, I retired three years ago. I now worry that the Social Security program that I paid into all of these years may not be there for me. 

I believe one of the problems with Social Security is the disability portion of that program. Checks are being handed out to many undeserving applicants. I understand that many recipients are truly disabled and I’m glad they receive financial help. The reality is that there are thousands and thousands of checks being sent to people scamming the system, with the help of lawyers who will “work hard to get the money you deserve.” There doesn’t seem to be a method to verity the legitimate claims from the fraudulent claims.

Another area of government waste is in our tax system. There are some families while on food stamps and government housing while unemployed that continue to have children that they cannot afford. I’m not saying all recipients fit this category. These programs are necessary to help those down on their luck. For those that continue to have children, their tax refund will increase. This should stop now.

On the subject of health care, I keep hearing the word “affordable.” I don’t see how it can be. Doctors spend a lot of money to educate themselves in their field of expertise. They should have the opportunity to retrieve those costs. Hospitals continue to grow and grow. They, too, will make their money back. Insurance companies pay their CEOs mega bucks to keep their costs down. (Don’t forget their multimillion dollar bonus.)

Pill companies charge out-of-this-world prices so their executives live high on the hog. So tell me, who is going to take a cut to reduce health care costs? None of the above. If only we were all Washington, D.C., politicians and received free health care for life.

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