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February 11, 2014


What speech were you watching?

A letter in the News and Tribune published Feb. 1 complained about the president doing an end run around Congress and power-grabbing with his pen and phone. We must have heard different State of the Union speeches.

As stated in the Courier-Journal on Jan. 30, “The president made it clear he would welcome Congress’ participation in dealing with a range of issues: the economy, upward mobility for citizens, jobs and job training, education, immigration reform, equal pay for women and health care reform among them. But he made it equally clear that he was prepared to go it alone, exercising options provided to every president by the Constitution, if Congress reverted to its default, do-nothing mode that has sunk its poll ratings much lower than the president’s.”

The president said he could and would use his pen and his phone to bypass Congress, if need be. “Of course, to reach millions more, Congress does need to get on board.”

That hardly sounds like the president is going to “ditch the checks-and-balances on his executive power, do an end-run around our elected representatives in Congress, and push through a power-grabbing agenda with his pen and phone” as the letter stated. Indeed, it appears to be the only reasonable course of action open to the president in the face of an obstructive, obstinate, do-nothing Congress, particularly the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

— Patricia Krall, Jeffersonville

A long, cold winter’s poem

Cabin fever’s got the best of me.

Gotta bounce from this house, get out and be free.

Too dang on cold to take a walk with the dog, the cat’s goin’ nuts climbin’ the walls.

I’ve seen every movie on the library shelves. I enjoy my own company, but I’m sick of my self. Lord, bring the sunshine along with some heat, my lips are purple and I can’t feel my feet.

I love the snow at Christmastime, but we need a break from the cold, just for a short while. Then let it resume and snow another week. Just warm it up for a day, so I can thaw out my feet.

— Kim Poore, Jeffersonville

Lions Club says thanks for support

The New Albany Lions Club would like to thank all of those persons who supported our 2013 Christmas tree sale.

The profit from this fundraising project will enable our Lions Club to better serve the community through our support in the areas of scholarships, eye care/glasses, cancer control and diabetes care. Thanks for your continued support of other fundraising projects throughout the year such as 4-H Fair, Harvest Homecoming along with the annual Christmas tree sale.

Again, thanks for your support in the past, present and future of the New Albany Lions Club ... “We Serve.”

— Ron Schad, New Albany Lions Club member