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February 15, 2014

DODD: Going under the knife

Recovering from surgery is a tough week. I am not sure if me or the painkillers are writing this column. At least I have an excuse.

When I got a sinus infection the second week of October last year the problem never went away. This past Tuesday I had surgery on my sinuses and to fix a deviated septum. It has been an unpleasant five months and a bear of a week this week.

In fact, at 58, the last eight years have been quite an experience. I think that 50 is the age at which the human body becomes like a used car, except you can’t buy another one. Mine seemingly has been in the shop too many times since turning the Big 5-0.

It’s not been an overhaul yet but there has been quite a bit of tinkering. The plumbing has had issues. There was an intestinal blockage, diverticulitis, kidney stones and now the sinus issue. I am not sure what happened to that athletic young healthy person I was for half a century. However, I will tell you from personal experience that the art of breathing is not overrated.

I guess I am lucky in that there have not been heart, lung or cancer issues for me. In fact, most of what I have dealt with are more routine healthy issues. Perhaps that what mid-life is for most of us; a chance to tune-up and repair the first half of our life’s damage.

My friend Bobby tells me he read that if we make it through the decade of the 50s then there is a good chance to make it well into the 70s and beyond. That would leave another year-and-a-half to survive. I guess there are only so many minor things to fix. Perhaps all this tinkering will tune me up for a few more good years.

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