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February 15, 2014

CHEERS AND JEERS — For Feb. 15-16



... to a local school doing a great job of informing fans.

I recently went to a seventh grade boys basketball game at Lanesville. They had a handout that included pictures and names — with numbers — of all the basketball teams and cheerleaders at Lanesville. It went from fifth grade to high school varsity, boys and girls.

Way to go Lanesville. I do not know why more school and organizations can’t follow this wonderful lead.

— Barb Freiberger, Floyds Knobs


... to our neighbor Bob Burton for keeping six or more of his neighbors’ driveways clear all winter. He is a blessing.

And cheers to all highway departments for the continuous work this winter of keeping our roads driveable. What a winter it has been.

Finally, cheers to the school authorities who cared enough for the children, the bus drivers and the teachers and staff to close schools as needed.

— Marjorie Cox, Charlestown


... to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

I jeer him not because I happen to disagree with his insistence on repealing the business property tax without any plan to replace funds that every local government in the state relies on to help fund education, fire protection and other vital services. I do disagree, but no two people will agree on everything.

No, I jeer him for the quote (from Maureen Hayden’s article) in the Feb. 7 News and Tribune: “I know you all want me to talk about details. I don’t want to negotiate this in public.”

What? Mr. Pence, you are an elected official. The public is your boss. The public hired you. It’s part of your job to communicate with your boss.

I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I vote for a person’s character. So far, with Pence’s penchant for trying to ram his ideas through a mountain of opposition, in this case with only anecdotal evidence to support his position, I am not favorably impressed.

For the record, I have friends who are small business owners. I’m not opposed to removing a tax if that would help them compete and thrive. What I oppose is Pence’s obstinacy and seeming lack of respect for his collective boss, the citizens of Indiana, in refusing to communicate with us. I’m opposed to his apparent narrow viewpoint and lack of concern for consequences.

— Sam Johnson, New Albany

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